The 10 Best Small Wine Coolers


If you enjoy drinking wine at home, it’s only natural to keep a few bottles on hand.

Storing wine in the kitchen fridge is inadvisable. It’s too cold, the humidity levels are out of kilter, and you risk the cork in your wine bottle drying out.

Instead, invest in a wine cooler and ensure your investment is protected whether you’re storing your wine short-term or long-term.

If space is at a premium and you only have a modest collection of wine to house, how can you find the best wine fridge for your needs?

Size is subjective, but we would consider a small wine cooler to be any unit with a capacity of 30 bottles or less. We’ve included coolers across a range of sizes today so there’s something for everyone.

How To Set Wine Cooler Temperature

Wine coolers, also known as beverage coolers and wine fridges, are specifically designed to chill wine at the ideal temperature.

Today, we’ll show you how to set your wine cooler temperature for a variety of wines so you have a handy reference tool when you’re building up your collection.

Before we dive deeper into categorizing wine storage, it’s time for some bare basics first…


How to Install a Wine Cooler in an Existing Cabinet


For anyone looking to store wine at home, a dedicated wine cooler is the next best thing to a cellar without demanding too much space.

Why should you bother storing wine in a cooler rather than a fridge, though? This is one of the most common questions we are asked and it’s worth clearing up.

The 5 Best Wine and Beverage Coolers


With summer in full flow and most of us spending more time at home right now, have you got the room to chill all the drinks you and your family need?

While having dedicated storage for cool drinks is always valuable, it’s absolutely vital if you plan to store wine.

Why is this?

Well, the average kitchen refrigerator is too cold for your wine. This ends up drying out the cork and potentially stunting the wine’s development. The cork in the bottle needs to stay moist but regular fridges remove humidity which has the opposite effect and dries the cork out. You should also store wine on its side. In most regular fridges, this will be awkward.

So, to summarize the leading benefits of wine and beverage coolers at a glance:

The 10 Best Dual-Zone Wine Coolers


Do you like drinking and collecting wine?

If so, you’ll be well aware already how wine responds sensitively to any changes in temperature.

When you store wine properly, you’ll be bringing out the very best in this magnificent drink. The sweetness, acidity, and body are all impacted by the way in which you store your wine.

Now, you’ll also know that red wine and white wine needs storing at different temperatures. Red wines should be stored between 50F and 66F. White wines need to be cooled between 40F and 50F.

How can you accomplish this without needing to buy two separate coolers, then?