5 Best Insulated Wine Tumblers 2021

Over the course of a year where we have been spending more and more time at home, many wine lovers have started appreciating BBQs, picnics, and relaxing in the yard more and more.

However, what do you do if you don’t want fragile and breakable glasses outside?

Thankfully, there’s a solution and it’s in the form of the best wine tumblers. Disposable cups aren’t only a poor choice if you want a fresh glass of wine, but they’re also bad for the environment.

Most of these wine tumblers are made of stainless steel. Double and triple-insulated, most of them will keep wine cold for hours on end.

If you prefer hot drinks over wine, many tumblers come with lids. Several tumblers that feature drink-through lids are also available. This makes it easier to keep insects away from your drink.

If you’re shopping for wine tumblers, your main priorities will be budget, design, and capacity. 

We compiled a thorough list of some of the very best insulated tumblers available. See which one, if any, fits your alfresco wine need.

5 Best Insulated Wine Tumblers

Best Overall: YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler

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First on our list is YETI Rambler, made from stainless steel featuring a double-plated insulated frame. 

What’s unique about Rambler is the magnetic slide lid, that helps keep your drink contained and avoids loss of heat or cold from escaping. 

After using this tumbler, the overall feel of the craftsmanship that YETI put into creating this tumbler is high quality and very durable. 

My favorite feature on Rambler is the double-wall insulation that does a quality job at preserving the temperature of your drink. 

The biggest separator the YETI Rambler offers is the quality and durability of the overall tumbler. From the double-wall insulation to a well-designed magnetic slide lid, this tumbler is a great choice among competing brands.

Compared to previous models, YETI has improved the quality of the stainless steel frame of the tumbler. Previous models felt much lighter and lacked the necessary durability that their new model offers.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a high-quality tumbler that offers great insulation and a quality lid to keep your beverage at the perfect temperature.


  • Fits in your hand perfectly
  • Great insulation 
  • Good weight to it


  • The magnetic lid may leak on the sides


Best Large Tumbler: BrüMate Uncork’d XL 14oz Wine Tumbler

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Brumate is our top wine tumbler when it comes to overall size, insulation, and durability.

Offering a triple layer insulation Bev-Guard technology and premium copper coat that keeps your beverage at the right temperature. 

Brumate includes a removable splash-proof lid that fits very tightly on the tumbler, providing extra security your beverage is sealed. 

A unique feature Brumate offers is its XL design and triple-wall insulation, which holds as much as half a bottle of wine and keeps your beverage cool for up to 4 hours. 

Compared to previous models, Brumate has greatly improved its triple-layer insulation technology. Previous models featured double-wall insulation, and Brumate’s addition of an extra layer is a good benefit.

After having time to use this tumbler, we highly recommend this if you are looking for a large and well-insulated tumbler that is built with great durability and offers an excellent exterior coat to reduce condensation.


  • Triple-wall insulation is very unique 
  • Stainless steel provides a durable feel
  • Very low condensation when using 


  • The lid may loosen over time with the use

Best Package: Comfook Wine Tumblers

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Comfook is an excellent option when looking for a good tumbler that over-delivers on both quality and price. 

Coming with four high-quality tumblers at a great price, Comfook offers double-wall technology and thermal copper lining that keeps your drinks at their perfect temperature.

A unique feature is Comfook’s addition of 304 Stainless Steel, high quality and very durable material, that protects your tumbler and provides an excellent feel to the design.

The biggest separator among other brands is this pack includes environmentally friendly leakproof lids and stainless steel straws.

Compared to the previous model, the addition of 304 Stainless Steel is the greatest benefit, providing far better durability than competing options. 

This tumbler is perfect if you are looking for high quality and durable tumbler, that keeps your beverage at a great long-lasting temperature.


  • Easy to hold
  • Very durable material
  • Includes stainless steel straws 


  • The exterior cup may chip away over time


SUNWILL Insulated Wine Tumbler

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Featuring insulated double-wall technology and an eco-friendly lid, sealed tightly to preserve the temperature of your beverage.  

What makes Sunwill unique is there Vacuum wall insulation technology that provides an extra layer of insulation compared to your normal double-wall insulation tumblers. 

From our experience, this tumbler fits great in your hand because of its well-made design. The tumbler itself does not change temperature whether your beverage is hot or cold.

Compared to previous models of Sunwill, their newly updated tumbler provides far greater insulation. Featuring their new Vacuum insulation, double-wall technology, this tumbler does an excellent job at keeping your beverage at the right temperature.

This is perfect for anyone looking for a well-insulated tumbler, that provides an eco-friendly lid, double insulation, and a great design.


  • The tumbler itself does not change the temperature
  • Great for drinking outside 
  • No condensation 


  • Does not hold exactly 12oz

Maars Bev Wine Tumbler

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Maars has done an excellent job with their Bev wine tumbler series, providing a Vacuum wall insulation feature and double-wall technology that keeps your beverage cool up to 6 hours, and 3 hours if your beverage is hot.

The thermal copper lining is a benefit that Maars has included in this tumbler, offering zero condensation for cold drinks and prevents any fading or chipping of the tumbler.

A separator Maars offers compared to other brands is the durability in their design. Made from stainless steel and with the addition of their thermal copper lining, this tumbler is very durable, and you can feel it when you hold it.

The addition of the thermal copper lining is the greatest addition to this tumbler, compared to previous Maars models. 

This tumbler is great for anyone looking for a well-insulated, zero condensation tumbler that you can enjoy in any situation.


  • Copper lining helps keep down condensation 
  • Keeps temperatures consistent 
  • Well designed lid for tumbler 


  • Temperatures may decrease quicker outside 


For clarification on your search for the best wine tumblers, here is all the information you need now so you can make the right decision, the easy way.

Making a decision on the right wine tumbler isn’t too difficult. You have very few variables to consider when choosing a wine cooler or an ice maker, for example. In light of the above, we skipped the buying guide today. Concentrate on the capacity, materials, and pricing, then you can find your ideal wine tumblers.

Now, before you leave for the day, make sure you bookmark BriccoWine. We’re here to help you every step of the way as you move from a wine collecting beginner to a dedicated oenophile. We’ll see you soon with a lot of great content coming your way in the upcoming months, so stay tuned.

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