6 Best Small Wine Coolers and Refrigerators 2021

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A few bottles of wine are only natural if you enjoy drinking it at home.

It would be a bad idea to keep the wine in the kitchen fridge. The temperature is too low, humidity is too low, and the cork in the bottle is at risk of drying out.

It’s better to invest in a wine cooler and be certain your wine is properly protected, whether it’s being stored long-term or short-term.

Many of us may not have a lot of space for a large wine cooler or we may not have a large enough collection for one. How can you find the best wine fridge for your needs when space is limited and you only have a modest collection of wine?

To answer this question I went and tested a handful of small wine coolers and put the results of my findings in this review for you.

Any wine cooler with a capacity is considered a small wine cooler, although size is subjective. For this review, I tested out coolers with 18 bottles or less. We’ve included coolers across a range of sizes today and so there’s something for everyone.

Here’s my exclusive list of the 6 best small wine refrigerators on the market.

6 Best Small Wine Coolers and Refrigerators 2021


Koolatron Thermoelectric Cooler

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Featuring a 6 bottle wine capacity, this cooler is perfect for any area from your kitchen counter to shelf space. Including a digital touch screen to control your temperature and to turn on or off the interior LED light. 

The door is UV protection which protects your bottles if you choose to store this cooler outside or in direct sunlight. From my experience with Koolatron, I stored this on our outside patio and the UV door helps tremendously. 

The cooling for Koolatron is very reliable, reaching consistent temperatures of 46-66°F. A great feature about this cooler is the eco-friendly thermoelectric technology, this makes a big difference from what I’ve seen using this cooler.

My Favorite feature about Koolatron after using it has been the convenient sizing plus how well it keeps our bottles cool. I’m really impressed by how well it performs even on our outside patio.

The biggest separator compared to other brands we’ve tried is their Eco-friendly thermoelectric technology. Their technology makes a big difference, and for the price, you can feel the power output.

Compared to older models, Koolatron has improved its digital touch screen greatly. In the past, their controls were slow responses, however, that has changed with this model.

This is perfect for anyone looking for a small high-powered wine cooler you can store inside or outside, it will get the job done.


  • Eco-friendly thermoelectric
  • 6 bottles storage capactiy


  • LED Lights may have problems down the line


NutriChef Wine Cooler 

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This model features a 12 wine bottle capacity and from my experience, does great with both red and white wines. This also includes a precision compressor cooling technology which I was able to notice very quickly after using, it’s a very convenient addition to have. Along with the adjustable temperature control and LED lights, the controls are very fast response and the LED lights help out a lot when you are viewing your bottles from the outside in.

The Nutrichef wine cooler is a perfect fit in your living room, home office, or kitchen. I personally stored it in our living room and it was silent and was not adding any additional vibrations or noises.

My favorite feature of this model is its advanced cooling system that keeps your bottles at a consistent temperature while producing no added noise.

The biggest separator compared to other brands is their built-in circulation fan and ventilation grill. I was very impressed as usually these produce extra noise, and don’t circulate as well. This model was completely different and worked very effectively. 

Compared to previous models, Nutrichef has done a great job improving their LED lights, as in previous models they were very dim and known to go out quickly, I really enjoyed the brightness of their stock lights.

This is perfect for anyone looking for a good indoor wine cooler for their kitchen or living room. I would recommend trying it outside as well if you prefer.


  • Great design and looks nice
  • LED light you can see from outside in


  • The interior light doesn’t have a timer

Antarctic Star Wine Cooler

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This features a 10 bottle capacity and the option to include other canned beverages of your choice. With features such as a Blue soft LED interior lighting, not only are the wines beautifully showcased but will not damage them. I really enjoyed the advanced cooling system, you can feel the power behind the fridge and the quality of it, due to the lack of any noise created by it.

My favorite feature after using the Antarctic is the adjustable temperature dial. It’s so nice and refreshing to use a non-digital dial to set the temperature, as it avoids many of the issues a digital dial comes with.

The biggest separator from other brands is their advanced cooling system as the power output is tremendous even if you choose to store this cooler outside as we did, your bottles stay nice and cool.

The Antarctic stands out with its newly updated cooling system. Previous models have a single zone system, but the new model offers a three-dimensional air-cooling cycle that helps maintain a constant temperature for each corner of the wine cabinet.

This is perfect for anyone looking for a well-crafted and high-performing cooler you can store outside. I chose to use this cooler outside and it performed great, I would recommend trying it out inside as well, it’s perfect for kitchen and living rooms from what I’ve seen.


  • Holds more than just wine
  • Sleek design
  • High power cooling without noise


  • Needed better seal for the fridge door 


Koolatron Urban Series

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Featuring an 8 bottle storage capacity, this is one of the best coolers I’ve owned thus far. Offering a very sleek design, the size of this cooler is very convenient and holds the perfect amount of bottles. It is nice to be able to hold more bottles often, however, I really enjoy the high-powered cooling this cooler offers on a select few wine bottles from my collection. 

The cooling system on this Koolatron model is excellent, offering eco-friendly cooling that evenly cools your bottles without producing any extra added noise. 

The wine racks are also removable which helps in case a larger bottle needs to be stored or you want to store canned beverages at the bottom, all up to you! Also, I really enjoyed the protective UV glass door of this cooler as it made it much easier to store it outside, and it performed great. 

My favorite feature of this is the overall design and cooling system. Coming with a sleek design and high-powered cooling, I was very impressed by the cooling system of a small cooler like Koolatron Urban. 

The biggest separator from other brands in the cooling system, compared to larger coolers, this cooler outperforms many of them I’ve owned and would recommend this model to anyone. 

Compared to previous models, Koolatron improved their digital touch screen whereas before the touch response was very slow, this new model is much quicker.

This model is best for anyone looking for a small and high-powered cooler, storing up to 8 bottles, this is perfect for either inside or outside placement. 


  • Sleek design 
  • High powered cooling and fans
  • Fast touch response digital control


  • Stores 8 bottles, sometimes less if bottles are large.

Schmecke Compressor Wine Cooler

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This is the largest cooler on this list, and also one of my favorites I’ve tested out. Offering storage for 18 bottles, this cooler does not disappoint from the high-powered cooling to the fast response digital controls. 

Starting with the advanced cooling system, Schmecke has done an excellent job ensuring a high power output without any extra noise or vibration being produced. 

A very unique feature is the key lock at the bottom of the cooler, after using this model it was refreshing to know I have the ability to lock the cooler if you choose to store it outside.

The biggest separator compared to other models is the temperature stability of this model. Offering a high-powered cooling system and efficient fans ensures airflow throughout the cooler.

Compared to previous models, Schmecke has done a great job improving their fan system. Where before only a select area received efficient cooling, their updated fans now reach the entire unit. 

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a small wine cooler that holds less than 18 bottles. You can choose to store this inside or outside, and the quality of the cooler shows through the cooling efficiency and the air circulation system. 


  • 18 bottle capacity 
  • Excellent build quality


  • Can increase in noise over time



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Featuring a 6 bottle capacity, Black + Decker has done an excellent job with their advanced cooling system and overall quality of the build. This cooler weighs roughly 18lbs and comes with triple-pane glass which is great if you choose to store this cooler outside. 

My favorite feature after using this model is the quiet thermoelectric cooling system, which is perfect for your living room without causing any unnecessary noise and vibration.

After using this cooler for some time now, the convenience of the size of this cooler with the quality of the cooling system is a huge separator compared to other brands and models. Offering a thermoelectric cooling system and an efficient fan circulation system, every bottle is sure to be cooled effectively.

Compared to previous models, Black + Decker has done a great job improving the digital control system. In previous models, the touch response was very slow and delayed, however, this new model is much more effective and quick touch providing accurate readings for your wine.

I would recommend this model to anyone looking for a great small cooler for your living room and kitchen, offering no added vibration, this is a perfect choice to bring into your home.


  • Convenient size 
  • Fast touch digital display
  • Advanced cooling and fan circulation


  • May create noise overtime when running  


Well, you may have arrived here at BriccoWine today without the first clue which Wine Cooler you should choose. Now, you should have a good understanding of the various types on the market and how they perform. My hope is this review served you well in your search for small wine coolers.

Before you go, bookmark our blog, and be sure to come back soon for more of the best!

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