8 Best Wine Accessories For Wine Lovers 2021


You don’t have to be a real sommelier to make every glass of wine taste the best. Whether you save it for formal occasions or you’re a casual connoisseur, you can get a few affordable wine accessories to elevate each experience.

Wine accessories allow even the occasional drinker to dive into a fulfilling vino encounter — without breaking the bank. Here are eight accessories we think everyone should have. Stock up on these wine accessories and prepare for an amazing event, date, or casual night in.

1. A Glass For The Right Moment

Accessories are all about personalization and showing off your style — why should that be any different with wine? You need a glass that screams “you” in every way and feels good to hold. 

However, that doesn’t mean you should get any glass. It’s important to note how different shapes alter taste. You’ll want a delightfully bellied, slightly curved-in around the top, thin-lipped glass for the best experience. 

There is an abundance of beautiful crystal brands to choose from, but you can expect to spend quite a few dimes on these. 

That’s not the only way to secure a good glass, though. If you have a keen eye, then look out for thrifty finds. 

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2. The Perfect Decanter

A decanter may seem like one of those wine accessories for finely aged, rare wings. But believe it or not, every red, white, or rose tastes better from decanting. Wine mingles with oxygen, bringing forth all its best flavors. For older bottles, decanting helps rid your wine of sedimentary build-up

And just like your glass, different decanter styles are better for different experiences:

  •     For exceptionally bold flavors, you’ll want to opt for a decanter with a bigger wine-to-air surface ratio. There are both classic designs and sleek, modern ones for these decanters.
  •     Light or mid-weight wines will flourish in smaller air-to-wine ratio decanters.

Other key factors to consider are: 

  •     How it pours
  •     Your storage space
  •     Ease of cleaning

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3. An Aerator

Decanters and aerators are similar wine accessories, though they favor differently aged wines. 

If you’d like to drink sooner rather than later, an aerator is a perfect way to oxygenate a newer bottle instantaneously.

It’s an easy, practical choice and can be secured directly in your bottle’s beck. It will soften tannins in a matter of seconds. 

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4. A Wine Key or Wine Opener

These are wine accessories you don’t want to be without. But there’s a lot to choose from. You can even find chargeable ones! So, you’re going to need the best kind. 

The openers with the easiest usability are typically double-hinged and affectionately called the waiter’s friend. You will get the real sommelier experience by opening your bottle without stressing your wrists or the cork.

If you prefer aesthetic to ease (we don’t blame you), there are beautiful high-end designs available, but they typically lack the double hinge. This can add a few difficulties to cork removal.

Of course, there are also the classic twist-style corkscrews, but you’ll need to add a foil cutter to your bag for these. 

If you have a finely aged, decades-old bottle to open, you’ll want a two-pronged opener to avoid cork crumbling. 

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5. A Wine-Catching Accessory

These wine accessories help you savor every last drop. Never spill again with either a drop-catching ring or a drop-stop. 

The catching ring is metal but lined by felt for absorption. It’s put in your bottle’s neck and soaks up any drops that may otherwise fall during your pour. 

There’s also the drop-stop, a flexible PVC sheet that rolls up to the bottle’s neck, helping stop any loose drops. 


6. A Choice Wine Preservation System 

Didn’t finish your bottle? Don’t be ashamed; there are wine accessories to help you preserve it.

You’ll want to invest in an excellent stopper. Sparkling stoppers work well on Champagne bottles, though there are also stoppers with arms. These hug your bottle’s neck, reducing the CO2 (technical term: bubbles) from escaping should anyone jostle it. 

With still wines, you want stoppers with pumps that help draw air from your bottle. 

The Coravin is a unique option; you don’t even need to open your bottle. It has a needle that pushes through natural corks, sending inert gas into your bottle. The gas pushes your wine up the needle, through a spout, and into your glass. 

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7. A Good Ice Bucket or Other Wine Cooler

White, rose, and sparkling wines should always be kept cool to preserve taste. Using wine accessories like an ice bucket will help do just that. 

Ensure your bucket is deep enough to stack up to your bottle’s shoulders (where the neck ends). Really examine dimensions before buying. Having a too-small bucket is not fun for anyone. 

Funky wine accessories can be expressive, too. There are frozen corks that fit right into your bottle’s mouth, and you can still pour from an attached spot. 

And if you’re on the go, why not try a sleeve? Just note that they may not work as well as standard ice/water cooling methods. 

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8. Your Own Wine Refrigerator 

Want to keep your wine chilled yet undisturbed? Then it’s time to look at some larger wine accessories, like a cooling fridge. 

Store your bottles in their very own temperature-controlled space and allow them to age to perfection inside your mini-refrigerator. They come in small, counter-tops designs as well as units the same size as your standard refrigerator. Of course, you can match its color and design to your interior tastes. 

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Summing Up the Best Wine Accessories 

As you can tell, there are plenty of wine accessories to give your evenings a little extra sense of sophistication. Sip your perfectly chilled wine from your new favorite glass, taking in the bouquet rising from your decanter. Rest easy knowing you can preserve unfinished bottles and prevent any spillage. And, while you’re at it, let your friends in on your little sipping secrets. 

Wine accessories aren’t just about feeling fancy — they’re about heightening your relationship with wine altogether. Check out these wine accessories today to enhance your experience, brings friends closer, and feel like an expert.

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