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Aobosi 24” is one of my favorite wine coolers to have owned, and is also one of the most highly requested wine coolers we’ve been asked to review. 

In this article, we will go through the specifications of Aobosi 24”, and I’ll give you an overall review of this cooler from my experience.

Aobosi 24” is one of the best wine coolers on the market, and after this article, you will have an understanding of what exactly makes this cooler so effective. 

Let’s dive into this review, starting with an overview. 


Aobosi 24” Wine Cooler

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Aobosi 24” Wine Cooler Overview 

Aobosi features a capacity of 18 standard Bordeaux bottles and 57 beverage cans, placed upon high-quality pull-out shelves racks featured in the interior of the fridge. 

The overall build-out of Aobosi is of great quality, from the stainless steel frame to the magnetic shut doors.

The frame gives this cooler the feel of long-lasting quality, and the tight seals on the doors help provide for effective cooling.

In the bottom and rear of the cooler, you’ll find the advanced cooling system and high-quality circulation fans with a dedicated air vent for the best air quality inside your cooler.

From my experience with Aobosi, the ventilation system for this cooler is top-notch and ensures your bottles and cans keep the same humidity.

In addition to excellent build quality and providing efficient cooling throughout the cooler, the advanced cooling system’s high quality helps prevent any additional noise or vibrations to be created.

The quiet aspect of this cooler makes it perfect for your kitchen and even living room, without being disturbed. 

Noise and Vibration  8.8/10
Cooling System  9/10
Capacity  9.3/10
Build Quality  9/10


Aobosi is an overall great choice when it comes to wine coolers. From the high capacity of bottles and cans to the overall build quality, Aobosi has done an excellent job creating a world-class cooler.

After using Aobosi for our own bottles, the noise level and cooling system impressed us the most, providing excellent cooling for our bottles without any additionally made noise is a benefit when it comes to the fridge you own. 


Aobosi 24” Wine Cooler Specifications

Power 100W
Voltage  115V/60H
Dimension 23.43″×22.64″×34.25″
Capacity  18 bottles and 57 cans
Temperature Range  Left Zone – 35.6℉-50℉

Right Zone – 41℉-64.4℉

Installation  Built-in or freestanding 


Additionally, Aobosi includes a temperature memory function that remembers the last set temperature, both left zone and right zone, for automatic cooling temperatures after you set it. 

Aobosi is a dual-zone fridge, and from my experience is always an added benefit. Dual-zone gives you the added benefit of storing bottles on top at a different temperature than at the bottom, which can come in handy on multiple occasions. 


Aobosi 24” Wine Cooler Review

What’s the best feature on Aobosi 24″?

From my experience with Aobosi 24”, our favorite feature is the advanced cooling system that runs quietly and cools very efficiently.

Designed with a high-quality compressor and circulation fans, the entire cooler allows the desired climate to be maintained. Ensure all bottles and cans are maintained at the same level of humidity.

The quality of the compressor is made apparent with their excellent addition of semiconductor electric wine cabinets, which greatly boosts the performance. 

For as much goes into Aobosi 24”, the noise produced has never been an issue, even in our living room where we decided to store it.

The versatility of this cooler is an added benefit, from the kitchen to the outside, this cooler performs well in both conditions. 

What separates Aobosi 24″ from other brands?

One of the biggest separators from other coolers is the high-efficiency circulation fans, which run quietly and cools down quickly. 

At the bottom of the fridge, Aobosi 24” offers a high-quality ventilation system, when combined with their circulation fans becomes very effective for cooling down the fridge and improving air quality in the cooler.

Including dual-zone benefits, the circulation fans also offer flexible control to which side of the cooler you choose to circulate air.  

How does Aobosi 24″ compare to previous models?

Compared to previous models of Aobosi 24”, the greatest improvement has been in the overall build quality and frame of the cooler. 

In previous Aobosi models we’ve reviewed, the quality was very light and did not give the feel of a strong long-lasting cooler.

This new model, Aobosi has done an excellent job at reinforcing its frame with stainless steel and improving the overall craftsmanship that went into this model. 

Aobosi 24” is perfect to be installed both indoors and outdoors, and is a great addition to anyone looking for an overall high-quality fridge to add to your home.

The noise level of this fridge allows it to be a good option for kitchen and living room installment, and the advanced cooling systems allow it to withstand outdoor temperatures. 


  • The fridge fits under the counter
  • hold temperatures very well
  • Has a responsive blue led light
  • The dual temperature control is a great option


  • Noise can increase overtime 

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