8 Best Cigar Humidors 2021

Our Top 3 Picks Best Overall: Case Elegance Handcrafted Cedar Humidor with Front Digital Hygrometer “WOW! What an amazing piece of artwork! The lid is tight-fitting and with the accessory drawer you can keep your lighter, cutter, and a small carry case all in one compact unit.” Best Priced: Mantello Royal Glass-Top Cigar Humidor ” … Read more

The 14 Best Cigar Cutters


Smoking a great cigar is one of life’s small pleasures. If you’re new to the world of stogies, though, you’ll soon come to understand that you need some basic equipment to get started. Arguably the most important piece of kit you’ll need to consider after a humidor is a cigar cutter. Unfortunately, if you don’t … Read more

The 15 Best Wine Tumblers


Over the course of a year where we have been spending more and more time indoors, many wine lovers have started appreciating BBQs, picnics, and relaxing in the yard more and more. What can you do if you don’t want fragile and breakable wine glasses outside, though? Disposable cups are not only a very poor … Read more

How To Drink Port Wine


Port is a sweet fortified wine. It’s made from blended red grapes found in the Portuguese Douro River Valley. The drink was created in order to keep the red wines preserved as they made the lengthy journey from the vineyards in the valley down to the town of Porto where they are stored before being … Read more

The 10 Best Wine Preservation Systems


However much you love drinking wine, chances are there are some occasions when you can’t make it to the end of the bottle. For many singles not happy to drink a whole bottle of mine, this is a constant concern, and even couples sometimes don’t want the entire bottle in one sitting. The problem is, … Read more

How To Make Vinegar from Wine


Do you often find yourself with leftover wine after dinner? Whether you live alone and struggle to drink a whole bottle of wine, or your partner urges you to open a second bottle and then doesn’t help you finish it, there’s no need to waste your leftovers. The most obvious solution is to invest in … Read more

The 12 Best Wine Stoppers


Ask yourself how often you fail to finish your bottle of wine with dinner. If this happens often, there are three ways this usually pans out… Sometimes, you’ll end up drinking another glass of wine you really didn’t want and end of suffering the consequences when you feel groggy the following morning. On other occasions, … Read more

The 12 Best Mini Fridges


If the idea of a mini fridge reminds you of a tiny beer-stuffed appliance in a college dorm room, you might want to rethink that. Mini fridges come in a range of sizes, all reasonably compact, but some much more substantial that the tiniest units in this vertical. From chilling cans and bottles to keeping … Read more

How Is Wine Made?


People have been making wine for thousands of years. Do you have any idea how it’s made, though? Today, we’ll be outlining the specifics of this natural process that calls for remarkably little by the way of human intervention. By the end of this short guide, you’ll know exactly how your favorite wine gets from … Read more

12 Best Wine Clubs of 2021 According to LIQUOR


How much time do you spend choosing wine? Also, can you always get the wine you want locally, or do you find it quite difficult at times to keep your cellar stocked? If you find yourself wasting too much time on the hunt for wine, why not consider joining one of the best wine clubs? … Read more

The 13 Best Portable Ice Makers


Ice and cold drinks go hand in hand. How do you get yours, though? For many people who only occasionally use ice in drinks, buying store-bought ice is the obvious solution. When this is something you’ll seldom make use of, you shouldn’t find buying ice is inconvenient or costly. If you make lots of cold … Read more

The 14 Best Dual-Zone Wine Coolers


Do you like drinking and collecting wine? If so, you’ll be well aware already how wine responds sensitively to any changes in temperature. When you store wine properly, you’ll be bringing out the very best in this magnificent drink. The sweetness, acidity, and body are all impacted by the way in which you store your … Read more

The 9 Best Beer Growlers


Are you a craft beer lover? If so and if you brew your own beer at home, you’ll need a suitable vessel for that beer. Beer growlers are the obvious solution. Resembling a thermos at a glance, these coolers perform the same core function. Whether you want beer kept chilled or a coffee still warm … Read more

The 8 Best Wine and Beverage Coolers


With summer in full flow and most of us spending more time at home right now, have you got the room to chill all the drinks you and your family need? While having dedicated storage for cool drinks is always valuable, it’s absolutely vital if you plan to store wine. Why is this? Well, the … Read more

The 12 Best Bar Stools


Most people have been forced to spend more time at home over this past year, so what better way to embrace that time than kitting out your home bar? After all, working from home doesn’t mean you can’t take some vital downtime, does it? Today, we’ll be bringing you some of the best bar stools … Read more

The 14 Best Cocktail Shaker Sets


Whether you have a dedicated home bar, or you just like the idea of mixing up a few drinks for guests, finding the best cocktail shaker set is a must. The good news is, finding one of these sets really isn’t rocket science. As long as you don’t immediately whip out your credit card and … Read more

The 15 Best Wine Racks


Everyone has a different relationship to wine, so what’s yours? Maybe you only have the occasional bottle of red or white with dinner, but you always like to keep a few bottles on hand for that purpose. Perhaps you drink wine every day, and if you do, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as … Read more

The 11 Best Wine Glasses


Investing in the best glassware to complement your wine collection is a must. When you start becoming more interested in the art of wine, you’ll soon realize that different wine responds best to different types of wine glass. Why is this, though? Well, the majority of the flavors in wine occur when ethanol vapors leave … Read more

The 15 Best Cigar Humidors


Are you partial to the occasional cigar after dinner? If so, do you collect cigars and keep them in stock so you always have something exciting when guests are over? You’ll need the best cigar humidor if you want to keep those stogies fresh, aromatic, and packed with flavor. Luckily, we’ve exhaustively researched the finest … Read more

The 15 Best Wine Openers


Opening your bottles of wine is something you need more than a cheap and battered old corkscrew for. How do you know which type of bottle opener would work best, though? Well, the first thing you can do is browse today’s guide. We’ll get started by outlining the many different approaches you can take to … Read more

The 11 Best Wine Aerators


If you’re just starting out tasting wine at home, are you struggling to notice any distinctive notes? Often, wine doesn’t come fully to life until it’s aerated but you might not be aware of this. Today, then, we’ll be exploring the role of the best wine aerators when it comes to enjoying your precious wine … Read more

The 12 Best Wine Decanters


If you’re serious about drinking wine, you’ll soon start needing some basic equipment to accompany your wine collection. Today, we’ll be exploring the importance of a wine decanter in your arsenal. We’ll also be highlighting a dozen of the leading models then showing you how to use a wine decanter and how to keep it … Read more

The 12 Best Corkscrews


Do you enjoy collecting wine at home? Maybe you have a small restaurant or coffee shop with a small wine cellar. Whatever your reasons for buying and drinking wine, you need more than just a wine cooler. The best corkscrew renders the tedious task of uncorking your bottle a cinch. Surely, though, with a piece … Read more

The 10 Best Small Wine Coolers


If you enjoy drinking wine at home, it’s only natural to keep a few bottles on hand. Storing wine in the kitchen fridge is inadvisable. It’s too cold, the humidity levels are out of kilter, and you risk the cork in your wine bottle drying out. Instead, invest in a wine cooler and ensure your … Read more

How To Set Wine Cooler Temperature


Wine coolers, also known as beverage coolers and wine fridges, are specifically designed to chill wine at the ideal temperature. Today, we’ll show you how to set your wine cooler temperature for a variety of wines so you have a handy reference tool when you’re building up your collection. Before we dive deeper into categorizing … Read more