The 12 Best Bar Stools


Most people have been forced to spend more time at home over this past year, so what better way to embrace that time than kitting out your home bar?

After all, working from home doesn’t mean you can’t take some vital downtime, does it?

Today, we’ll be bringing you some of the best bar stools on the market so you can make sure all your guests are relaxed in comfort while you make some cocktails or pour a glass of the red you’ve been saving in your wine cooler.

Now, you might think that choosing the right bar stools couldn’t be easier, and in many ways you’d be right.

Blunder in without giving this purchase due consideration, though, and you’re highly likely to end up with unsuitable furniture. Before you even think about pulling out your credit card, you should ask yourself about your intended use for these stools.

Are you looking for furniture to use at home? If so, will you be using the stools indoors, out in the yard, or both?

How confident are you assembling furniture? You can find some stools that come fully assembled, some that require only minor assembly, and others that would end up frustrating anyone not practically inclined.

If you plan to buy bar stools for a small bar or café, you need to consider not only lifespan but also storage and stacking.

Once you have your intended use clear in your mind, you should take a look at some of the many options at your disposal. You can do that right now with our reviews of the 12 best bar stools. Once you’ve had a good look, we’ll finish off today with a bar stool buying guide.

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I. The 12 Best Bar Stools

1. Our #1 Pick: Roundhill Furniture Hydraulic Barstool


First up in our quest for the best barstools is this impressive pair of hydraulic-powered stools, so what do you get for your money?

Firstly, you get a couple of stools finished in brown faux-leather. This material gives you the look and feel of genuine leather, but it’s easier to care for and will last longer, too.

The stools swivel right through 360 degrees giving you a great deal of maneuverability. Using the lift mechanism, you can adjust the stool with ease from bar height to counter height.

The faux-leather has foam injected for added comfort and increased support.

A chrome metal base measures 16.5 inches across and gives you a solid and stable platform for your stool. This contrasts nicely with the brown material. This base won’t scratch up your wooden flooring, and the footrest gives you a super-comfy set-up when you’re lounging for hours in your home bar.

The only meaningful complaint we could find about these stools concerns quality control. A few disgruntled customers claim they received damaged equipment. Check the contents of your package closely upon arrival.

For comfortable, supportive, and stylish barstools, you can’t go wrong with Roundhill.

Things We Like

  • Swivels through full 360 degrees
  • Faux-leather for comfort and durability
  • Nifty lift mechanism

Things We Dislike

  • A few complaints about quality control

2. Winsom Pacey Natural Stool


If you have a traditional layout to your room and you’re hunting for some classic bar furniture to match, these wooden stools from Winsom Pacey make a smart choice.

This is another set of 2 stools with each measuring up at 13.6 x 13.6 x 29.1 inches with round 12.75-inch seats.

If you’re not too practically inclined and you dislike the idea of putting furniture together, these stools arrive fully assembled so you’ll be good to go right out the box.

You have plenty of options when it comes to setting up your stools. They work well with traditional bars and also make a neat fit with kitchen islands and countertops. You can also take these stools outside when you have guests over for a BBQ making them extremely versatile.

If you decide to use these stools outdoors, you should take sensible precautions so they are not left out in hostile weather conditions. Either cover the stools up or bring them indoors when you’re done in the yard.

While these stools don’t offer anything by the way of bells and whistles, if you’re after some durable and stable bar furniture, these stools deserve a place on your shortlist.

Things We Like

  • Works well in traditional rooms
  • Solid and hardwearing
  • Comes fully assembled

Things We Dislike

  • Paint can chip over time

3. Roundhill Furniture Adjustable Metal Barstool


Roundhill has a hard-won reputation for producing affordable and reliable bar furniture that doesn’t bankrupt you. How do these stools stand up, then?

The subtle retro design manages to look great with both modern décor and more traditional design schemes. The metal frame is finished with a powder black coating. This contrasts wonderfully with the brown fabric seats. While they’re designed to look like leather at a glance, they are much harder-wearing, and also substantially easier to care for.

Measuring up at 16 x 20 x 37 inches, these are fairly standard-sized stools.

You can adjust the height so you can enjoy a 24-inch or 29-inch seat making these stools a great fit for the whole family.

These stools call for simple assembly, so make sure you’re comfortable with this. If not, we review several sets of barstools today that arrive fully assembled.

Roundhill has been making great furniture at reasonable prices so you can buy these barstools with complete confidence and expect years of faithful and fuss-free performance.

Things We Like

  • Powder-coated antique finish
  • Available in black or silver
  • Striking design works with modern or traditional decor

Things We Dislike

  • Some assembly required

4. Winsome Satori Stool


If you’re a lover of wooden furniture, these beechwood barstools from Winsome are easy on the eye and equally easy on the pocket. How do they stack up?

Well, the first thing we should point out is that these stools are a pain to assemble. If you’re a confident DIY-er, they’ll present no problem, but if you’re not much of a handyman, you’ll likely find these awkward to put together.

Assuming you’re OK with some tasky assembly, you’ll be glad you took the time to set these stools up.

The build is impressively strong and stable. The legs are sturdy enough to handle heavy loads while the seats are spacious and wide enough that you won’t feel cramped when you should be relaxing.

You can find these stools in 24-inch and 29-inch variants. Think closely about how you’ll be using these stools and who will be using them so you can get the height right.

So, if you can handle putting these stools together, you’ll be rewarded with some solid furniture that sets off any home bar and should return years of faithful service.

Things We Like

  • Beechwood for durability
  • Comes in walnut or matte black finish
  • Wide and spacious seat

Things We Dislike

  • Quite tough to assemble

5. Walker Edison Barstool


The Walker Edison Furniture Company has a hard-won reputation for producing first-class furniture at relatively affordable prices. While we wouldn’t exactly call these stools cheap, you won’t need to overextend yourself either.

If you’re tired of the sea of black and silver that dominates this space, you can choose between a range of attractive color schemes to set off any home bar, library, or kitchen.

The synthetic leather upholstery is durable and super-simple to care for. This contrasts with the steel legs. Although these are quite thin, you should find them more than supportive enough for most needs. Maximum weight-bearing capacity is 250 pounds.

Measuring up at 40 x 18 x 22 inches with a seat height of 30 inches, this is a substantial set of furniture on all counts, so make sure you have space to accommodate before committing to purchase.

While the furniture itself doesn’t generate many complaints, a scattering of users have moaned about unhelpful and unresponsive customer care. Given the strength of these stools, hopefully you shouldn’t need to call in for any assistance anyway!

Things We Like

  • Choose from 5 colorways
  • 3 sizes available
  • Synthetic leather with steel legs

Things We Dislike

  • Customer service is underwhelming

6. Roundhill Furniture Swivel Barstool


Next up we have another entry from the inimitable Roundhill Furniture, a company with a heavy presence in this vertical. How do these stools stand out?

Firstly, you won’t be faced with an uphill struggle putting these things together. While you’ll need some very minor assembly, this is quick and easy and you’ll be slouched back with a cocktail in your hand in no time.

Once you have these stools set up, you can swivel right through 360 degrees making them perfect in busy environments where you’re regularly twisting around to talk with different groups of friends.

The seats themselves are lushly cushioned so you’ll be comfy even if you’re relaxing in the bar at home for hours.

Now, if you are planning on buying several sets of stools for all the family and guests, you’re out of luck. The manufacturer limits to you to one set, which is questionable practice and something to be aware of before you end up disappointed.

As long as you’re happy with a set of 2 swivel stools, you should find these make a superb addition to any home bar.

Things We Like

  • Swivels through 360 degrees
  • Assembly is straightforward
  • Softly cushioned seats

Things We Dislike

  • You can only purchase one set of stools

7. Andeworld Metal Barstools


Do you have a large home bar you’d like to kit out with stools? Maybe you have a larger family and you want to make sure nobody is left out, or perhaps you frequently entertain and have lots of guests over. Whatever the reasons, if you want a substantial furniture set that doesn’t cost a fortune, why not consider these 4 stools from Andeworld?

The first thing that stands out is the removable backrests. This transforms these from traditional stools into backless stools with no fuss or fanfare. The other advantage to removing the backrests is the way you can then stack these stools for storage. If you’re planning to use these stools in a commercial outlet, this is especially valuable.

The stools come in 3 heights, 24, 26, and 30 inches. Make sure you get this right to avoid disappointment. Think carefully about who will use the stools, and also factor in where you’ll be setting them up. This will help you get the right height the easy way.

With sturdy metal legs and rugged wooden seats built to stand the test of time, you’ll be asking yourself only one question: why are these barstools so cheap?

Things We Like

  • Sturdy and stable build
  • Removable backrests
  • Set of 4 stools

Things We Dislike

  • Not suitable for outside use

8. Linon Keira Folding Barstool


Next up we have some nifty folding barstools from the highly reputable Linon. How do these things shape up?

Firstly, the foldable nature gives you an extra layer of convenience if you have limited storage space. All you need to do is break these stools down and you can stash them in limited spaces without a hitch.

For anyone reluctant to tinker around setting up stools that are intricate to assemble, you’ll have no such worries with these stools. They arrive completely assembled so you’re good to pour yourself a glass of wine or a martini and immediately sink back into this snug stool.

The dark brown vinyl seats are incredibly easy to look after. Get wipe-down ease with none of the feeding or maintenance required with genuine leather furniture, nor the stiff price tag.

The stools come as individual units and they’re priced reasonably considering the build quality, convenience, and comfort on offer.

A few disgruntled users have complained about these stools feeling flimsy, but we feel they are more than robust enough for most reasonable purposes.

Things We Like

  • Robustly padded vinyl seat
  • Folds down for simple storage
  • Comes completely assembled

Things We Dislike

  • Finish could be improved

9. Winsom Victor Stools


These bar stools from Winsom couldn’t be much easier to put together so make a great choice if furniture assembly is not your strong suit.

The walnut finish gives you stools that should last for years without calling for any intensive upkeep. These stools are only available in brown. We would like to see a little more choice in terms of finish.

If you have a more traditional design scheme, these stools will complement it perfectly. The dark nature of the wood means they won’t look out of place in a more modern and minimalist home either. In many ways, this versatility is one of the most enduring features.

The overall fit and finish is impressive. While these stools are not bargain-basement material, they’re not especially expensive either. Considering the reasonable price tag, we feel the quality is a notch or two above what you would expect.

In return for furniture that’s solidly built, you’ll need to accept the minor trade-off of these stools being quite heavy and bulky. If that presents no problem, you’re in safe hands with Winsom.

Things We Like

  • Super-simple to assemble
  • Walnut finish for great lifespan
  • Solidly built and well finished

Things We Dislike

  • Quite heavy and bulky

10. LCH Bar Stools


Next in our collection of the best bar stools is another stackable model, this time from LCH.

Now, you should be aware that a few dissatisfied customers have reported receiving damaged packages. We would suggest checking your stools closely upon receipt.

The great news is that these stools don’t call for any assembly whatsoever. Once you’ve established you have no issues, you can sprawl back in well-supported comfort.

The protective feet allow you to use these stools on hard flooring without any concerns about scratches or marks.

A metal finish is coated with matte paint that’s both water-resistant and rustproof. This means you can just as easily use these stools for entertaining out in the yard as in your home bar.

The set of 4 stools is ideal if you want to cater for all the family on a budget. As with any affordable option, you should peg your expectations when it comes to fit, finish, and lifespan.

Things We Like

  • Stackable space-saving design
  • Protective tabs and feet
  • Assembly-free for your convenience

Things We Dislike

  • Quality control is lacking

11. Modway Modern Bar Stools


As we edge to the end of our search for the best bar stools, we have another striking model for your perusal, this time from Modway.

The retro styling with drooping seat is highly adaptable. Whether you want to add this stool to your home bar, a commercial bar, or a library, kitchen, or living room, it has a chameleon-like ability to fit right in.

The chrome pedestal-style base offers all the support you need for lengthy sessions putting the world to rights in your bar stool.

You can swivel fully in this stool with the mechanism smooth and silent. Adjusting the height is straightforward thanks to the efficient hydraulic piston.

If you want bar stools that not only look great but feel comfortable and supportive while being built to last the distance, look no further than Modway.

Things We Like

  • Chromed pedestal base
  • Faux leather for long life
  • Swivels through 360 degrees

Things We Dislike

  • Some issues with squeaking

12. Linon Claridge Bar


Last but certainly not least in our curated list of the best bar stools is this thoughtfully-made and intelligently-designed stool from Linon Home Décor. How does the Claridge Bar Stool cope against the competition, then?

The PU leather comes with much of the plushness and comfort of the real thing, but with the inbuilt benefit of being remarkably easy to care for. Just wipe down the stools with a damp cloth if you need to spot-clean them. That’s about the extent of the maintenance required with these easy-care stools.

The upholstery is accented with double needle accent stitching which not only looks great but also serves to further strengthen the stools.

This stool measures 18 x 12.75 x 32 inches with the 32-inch seat height perhaps a little tall for some. If you are shorter, look at some of the lower stools we review today.

The stool is available individually and it’s not especially cheap. If you’re looking to treat yourself, it makes a great choice. If, however, you need 4 to 6 stools for all the family, you might want to consider other options. As with all elements of buying the best bar stools, all that counts is finding what’s right for you and your budget.

Things We Like

  • PU leather seat for comfort and longevity
  • Accented with silver nail heads
  • Broad and spacious seat

Things We Dislike

  • Screw provided are too short

OK, now you should have a clear idea about how the best bar stools shape up. If you stick with any of the stools we review today, you know exactly what you’ll be getting.

If, on the other hand, you’ve seen some bar stools we haven’t covered today, check out this brief buying guide so you can determine whether they’re worth your time or a waste of money.

II. Things You Should Consider


  • Materials
  • Height and Adjustability
  • Swivel and Back Support
  • Floor Protectors
  • Seat and Cushions
  • Storage
  • Cleaning and Maintenance

1) Materials

The materials your bar stools are made from will obviously be one of the deciding factors when you’re shopping.

While wooden bar stools are undeniably attractive, there’s no substitute for metal if you place a priority on lifespan and durability. The drawback of metal stools is that they tend to be more expensive. They are also likely to rust out, especially if you plan to use your stools outside. Metal stools can also easily lose a shiny finish and start looking tired. Reactive agents can also corrode the metal.

Increasingly, you’ll find stools made from a combination of materials, with padded faux-leather seats acting as a nice complement to wooden frames and metal bases.

2) Height and Adjustability

Most traditional bar stools stand 24 inches tall. This height is designed to make the right fit with a regular bar or counter top.

You can also find stools in a range of different heights if this configuration is unsuitable.

For anyone demanding more flexibility, adjustable stools give you the option of ratcheting your stool up or down with ease to satisfy a variety of use cases. You use either leg extensions or, more conveniently, hydraulic pistons, to manipulate the height of your stool.

3) Swivel and Back Support

The majority of stools give you at least some form of bar to rest your feet on.

The more basic stools typically lack the comfort of any form of back support. If you dislike the way backless stools cause you to hunch over, you can find plenty of bar furniture that’s styled like traditional chairs.

Swiveling stools have mechanisms allowing you to turn through 360 degrees for much great freedom when you’re seated in a busy room. Make sure the movement is controlled enough that you won’t end up feeling dizzy or falling off the seat. This is especially important if you have children likely to use the stool.

4) Floor Protectors

If you plan to use your bar stools on a surface with hard flooring, you’ll need to think about the legs and whether or not they have protective feet to stop marks and scratches.

Even if the stool you’re looking at does have these plastic protectors, make certain they are non-marking, too.

5) Seats and Cushions

If you’re likely to be trying to relax in your bar stool for extended periods – not always easy in backless chairs ­– then the comfort factor should be uppermost when you’re shopping.

If you’re opting for a classic wooden bar stool, you obviously won’t get any padding at all. Instead, look for saddle seats or ones with adequate contouring. Some of the better-designed wooden stools are deceptively comfortable.

Faux leather stools usually have injected foam inside resulting in a stool that’s comfy even if you’re slouched for prolonged spells in the home bar.

6) Storage

Whether you have limited storage space at home, or you’re looking for some bar furniture for your commercial premises, maybe storage is an issue.

Many bar stools are stackable. Some allow you to remove backrests so you get the benefit of added support when you’re seated, but the simultaneous benefit of stools you can stash with ease.

7) Cleaning and Maintenance

While you might be tempted to go for a genuine leather bar stool, think about the upkeep and vulnerability.

Faux-leather, by contrast, gives you many of the advantages and all of the comfort without calling for any tedious upkeep at all.

Wooden and metal bar furniture is clearly straightforward to wipe down.

Again, think about your intended use and buy accordingly.

Before we close today, we’ve assembled a roundup of bar stool FAQs so you have everything you need in one place.


1) What is the typical height for the best bar stools?

A regular bar stool stands 24 inches high. This is the perfect height for a traditional bar. If this doesn’t suit you, stools come in a variety of heights to suit. You can also find adjustable bar stools for enhanced versatility.

2) Where else can I use bar stools?

Imagination is your only limitation. Use bar stools in the kitchen with an island or breakfast bar. Leave one in a hallway or by a phone. Use these stools for working or crafting. Assuming you buy weatherproof stools, you can also use bar stools for entertaining on the patio or in the yard. They are very adaptable pieces of furniture with many applications outside the home bar.

3) Will bar stools damage my flooring?

If you’re using bar stools on hard flooring, you need to consider the legs and whether or not they have protective rubber feet. Unprotected legs are highly likely to scrape and scratch wooden flooring. You could consider adding some protection to the feet yourself, or you could invest in a floor protector. Whatever you do, don’t leave this to chance or you could end up with your flooring wrecked and an expensive bill to pay.

4) I hate DIY of all kinds. Can I find bar stools pre-assembled?

Absolutely. We understand that putting furniture together is not to everyone’s liking. Beyond this, you could suffer from arthritis or have other issues with your hands that make it difficult to assemble small items. You can find plenty of stools that come good to use straight out the box so you have no worries there.

5) What’s the maximum weight capacity of a bar stool?

This will vary quite considerably from brand to brand. If any of the stools we review today have especially high or low maximum weight limits, we’ve drawn your attention to that. All the rest should be ideal for all but the very heaviest users.

IV. Conclusion

OK, with your wine storage taken care of, a great new cocktail shaker in place, and a humidor to keep your cigars at their best, today’s bar stools should round out your home bar set-up nicely.

The thing is, there’s still plenty more equipment to get together over the course of time if you frequently entertain at home. And that’s why we’re here at BriccoWine. We’ll review all the most effective gear so you can buy with your eyes wide open. We’ll also bring you plenty of tip-filled guides so you can consider us your go-to resource.

We have a busy content calendar in place for the holiday season, so we’d urge you to bookmark Bricco and to pop back soon. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on the bargains we have in store over the coming month. We’ll see you soon!

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