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Case Elegance Renzo Humidor 


Case Elegance Renzo Humidor Overview

Whether you are new or experienced with cigars, having a good and trusted humidor is a must. Of all the different options and choices cigar enthusiasts have to choose from for their humidor, we always recommend Case Elegance’s humidor.

When you fail to keep your cigars at the appropriate temperature and humidity, they are sure to end up dry and anything but what the cigar artisan who rolled them intended them to be. 

That’s why I have researched the top Humidor from our experience so you can make the best choice.

Humidity  8.6/10
Design  9/10
Digital  8/10
Capacity  8.9/10


The updated Renzo model from Case Elegance is our top-ranking humidor for many reasons you will see in-depth. Compared to the older models, the new updated Renzo outperforms other options from its handcrafted cedar design to its updated and improved humidification system. Renzo from Case Elegance is for you if you are looking for a sound and trusted humidor with a quality build.

Case Elegance Renzo Humidor Review

Crafted out of Spanish cedar and featuring a glass top finish, Renzo by Case Elegance is top on our list for both new and experienced cigar enthusiasts. You can feel the durability in this sleek design, offering a magnetic seal that creates a very tight fit. My favorite feature of the Renzo model is its accessory storage. Along with a great humidor, you receive a special storage space for everything from lighters, cutters, and even carrying cases.

The biggest separator Renzo offers over other competing humidors is their advanced humidification system along with the magnetic seal that keeps the temperature at a consistent level. The humidification system is low maintenance and accurate cigar humidification system that maintains your CE humidor between 65-70% relative humidity.

Compared to older models, the greatest improvement is found in their hydro system. In previous models, their hydro system was unable to maintain a consistent temperature due to structural issues. From their updated hydro system to their magnetic seal, the overall improvements made to this model are what make it top of our list.

Renzo is the perfect option for anyone seeking to own a quality and trusted Humidor. From the improved hydro system to their accessory storage, this is a great addition to any cigar collection.


Our pick for both new and experienced cigar enthusiasts is Renzo by Case Elegance, crafted out of Spanish cedar and featuring a glass top finish. There is a magnetic seal that creates a very tight fit in this sleek design. The best feature of the Renzo model is the accessory storage, and the true convenience it brings by storing your lighter, cutters, and carrying cases all in one location. The humidification system is low maintenance and accurate cigar humidifier that maintains humidity levels between 65-70% in your CE humidor.


  • Tight fit seal
  • Reliable humidification system
  • Convenient storages


  • Capacity depending on cigar size

Key Factors Review

Humidity  The humidity stays at a consistent 68-70%. With the help of their updated humidification system, the temperature is constantly being regulated, keeping your cigars in a rich environment. 
Design  Case Elegance has created a beautiful design. Crafted out of Spanish cedar wood, a glass top display, and built-in accessory storage In the large bottom drawer, you can store your lighter, cigar cutters, and even a travel case.
Digital  This humidor has digital capabilities allowing you to monitor and ensure your humidor is adequately seasoned. It has an updated and stunning digital hygrometer built into it.
Capacity  Renzo can comfortably fit a variety of cigars all depending on the gauge size. On average you can fit 28-30 52G cigars.

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