The 12 Best Mini Fridges


If the idea of a mini fridge reminds you of a tiny beer-stuffed appliance in a college dorm room, you might want to rethink that.

Mini fridges come in a range of sizes, all reasonably compact, but some much more substantial that the tiniest units in this vertical.

From chilling cans and bottles to keeping snacks or skincare on hand, mini fridges have many use cases, and they’re mostly pretty portable, too.

Today, we’ll be highlighting the 12 best mini fridges so you can easily compare them like-for-like.

When we break down the features, we’ve focused on overall dimensions and interior capacity. These are the main metrics that count, and we’ve arranged them so you can readily compare these fridges at a glance.

One word of warning before we move on…

Most experts recommend using a mini fridge for storing drinks or snacks for a couple of days at most. While these appliances are remarkably convenient, they are not always reliable when it comes to long-term storage. Where most food needs storing at below 40F to stay fresher for longer, the majority of mini fridges operate quite close to this threshold.

Assuming your primary intended use is for keeping a bottle or two of wine chilled along with some snacks, you’ll be faced with an immediate decision and that concerns the most appropriate size of mini fridge.

What Size Mini Fridge Should I Get?

The first thing you’ll realize is that there is no fixed definition for a mini fridge. As you’ll see from the models we review, there is a large variation both in terms of overall dimensions and also storage capacity.

As a rough guideline, compact fridges start from 1.6 cubic feet, while larger models offer capacities of up to 4.5 cubic feet and above.

As you would expect, the more spacious the refrigerator is inside, the more space it will eat up in your kitchen.

If you travel to and from college and you want a super-portable appliance you can pop in the trunk of your car, stick with the smaller models we review.

The same applies if you are looking for a mini fridge for a small office, bedroom, or man cave. The majority of these compact refrigerators are not used as a primary chilling device. This is just as well considering the proviso about storing food we mention above.

If you intend to use your mini fridge in the kitchen and you want to keep more than a couple of cans or bottles inside, you have plenty of more substantial fridges at your disposal. If you stick with the appliances we review today, you’ll have much more freedom in terms of size.

The other factor which is linked to overall size concerns whether or not the mini fridge comes with a dedicated freezer compartment. The vast bulk of these small coolers won’t allow you to freeze food and you won’t be able to make ice cubes either. We draw your attention to those units that come equipped with a full-size freezer compartment.

Before you even think of whipping out your credit card and buying the first compact fridge you see, make absolutely certain it’s the right fit for you and your family.

Almost all these small fridges are standalone so you can tuck them just about anywhere in the kitchen bedroom, or dorm room.

As long as you’re aware of the limitations and restrictions involved with mini refrigerators, you’ll soon see that the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks. When you want a chilled bottle of wine, an ice cold Coke, a face mask, and some snacks all within easy reach, these space-saving units are unbeatable.

OK, with those basics in place, let’s get straight down to business. Check out the 12 best mini fridges for storing wine short-term. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

The 12 Best Mini Fridges

1. Our #1 Pick: Midea Compact Refrigerator [1.6 Cubic Feet (45 L)]



  • 7 x 18.6 x 19.4 inches
  • 6 cubic feet
  • Stainless steel
  • Freestanding
  • 1-year warranty

Our favorite mini fridge on the market comes from the ever-reliable Midea. This company has been making efficient appliances for over half a century.

There’s a growing need for compact appliances with space at a premium everywhere. Whether you live in an apartment, have a small kitchen, or you want a fridge suitable for a dorm room, there’s no need to go without or to buy a full-sized unit that hardly fits. You can also use this unit as an add-on to your existing wine cooler.

Instead, this 1.6 cubic feet unit is low and narrow enough to require relatively little room. Despite the small overall dimensions, you won’t lose out when it comes to interior capacity. This is always a difficult balance to strike in mini fridges, and Midea get it nailed perfectly.

This unit is designed to remain freestanding so you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to placement. You can also hang the door on either side giving you even more freedom with installation.

The Midea comes in a choice of 4 colorways to match your décor. As an aside, you can also find this fridge in a smaller version as well as 2 larger variants. There really is something for everyone.

Alongside all this performance, you get a refrigerator that runs quietly and doesn’t draw down too much electricity. What’s not to love?

If you’re looking to make ice cubes or you want to freeze your produce, this is not the fridge for you. As long as this is a non-issue, you should find this compact unit delivers a first-class cooling experience without eating up too much interior real estate.

Things We Like

  • Freestanding with reversible door
  • Compact yet boasts reasonable capacity
  • Energy-efficient model so save money over time

Things We Dislike

  • Can’t make ice cubes or freeze food

2. Runner-Up: COSTWAY Compact Refrigerator [3.2 Cubic Feet (90 L)]



  • 20 x 17.5 x 34 inches
  • 2 cubic feet
  • Removable glass shelves
  • Freestanding
  • 1-year warranty

COSTWAY’s compact refrigerator proves that good things come in small packages. What else do you get beside those compact dimensions, then?

Firstly, you get a 2-door design that makes your life easier. Up above, you get 1 cubic feet of storage space in the freezer compartment. This feature is not available on all compact fridges so you’re off to a winner right away. Down below, the primary refrigerator compartment gives you a generous 2.2 cubic feet of storage, ideal for the whole family.

Inside, there’s an adjustable thermostat so you can tweak the temperature between 32F and 50F. This gives you the freedom you need to chill all types of wine for short-term consumption.

The cooling compressor onboard gives you maximum efficiency with minimum noise.

If you’re storing a combination of food and wine, you’ll appreciate the removable shelving. This allows you to tweak the configuration to suit.

Soft lighting inside allows you to easily differentiate your wine bottles at a glance.

Real attention to detail goes into the door of this unit. The hinges are robustly reinforced, ideal if you have kids continuously opening and slamming the fridge door. The magnetic seal ensures the cooling environment is completely secure, and this seal also stops any bacteria from making its way inside.

Like most of the refrigerators on our shortlist, this is designed for the Northern American market meaning it runs on 110 volts only.

If you’re looking for a small fridge that goes large on storage space, you’re in safe hands with the COSTWAY.

Things We Like

  • 2 door design with freezer compartment
  • Broad temperature band from 32F to 50F
  • Cooling compressor for maximum efficiency

Things We Dislike

  • Quality control is questionable

3. RCA Single Door Mini Fridge [3.2 Cubic Feet (90 L)]

RCA-RFR322-B 3.2-Cu-Ft-Single-Door-Mini-Fridge-with-Freezer


  • 5 x 18.6 x 31.6 inches
  • 2 cubic feet
  • Stainless steel
  • Freestanding
  • Reversible door

Next up we have a compact fridge at the upper end of this size range. If you have slightly more room than a cramped dorm room but you still need to consider space constraints, RCA offers a great compromise.

The stainless steel chassis is available in an array of vibrant colors to add a dose of brightness to a gloomy kitchen. This fridge makes a real statement while remaining classic in terms of design.

The freestanding unit is designed to be positioned just about anywhere. You’ll also be able to reverse the door to perfectly optimize placement.

You find more flexibility still with the fully adjustable lever feet, and you can also easily alter the thermostat to create the ideal cooling environment for your food, red wine, and white wine.

Equipped with a small compressor, you can keep all your produce nicely chilled without worrying about that tedious thrumming noise that blights many cheap, small fridges.

The stainless steel build means you get exceptional lifespan, although you might find the doors pick up smears easily.

Muted LED lights inside illuminate your food and beverages without too much brightness. You can easily spot your favorite bottle inside without squinting or straining your eyes.

Now, if anything goes wrong with this refrigerator, you might find the returns policy prohibitive. Some disgruntled consumers report being asked to pay more in return shipping than the fridge is worth Buyer beware.

In all other respects, though, the RCA is a highly capable compact refrigerator with a deceptively spacious interior storage space. Check it out and see how you feel.

Things We Like

  • Lever feet and adjustable thermostat for total flexibility
  • Runs quietly and efficiently
  • Spacious interior storage in spite of compact footprint

Things We Dislike

  • Fridge is not returnable except with prohibitive shipping costs

4. Euhomy Mini Fridge [3.2 Cubic Feet (90 L)]



  • 4 x 19.9 x 33.5 inches
  • 2 cubic feet
  • Stainless steel
  • Freestanding
  • Freezer compartment

This mini fridge from Euhomy is another model at the upper end of the compact size category.

This is a reasonably bulky fridge measuring up at 19.4 x 19.9 x 33.5 inches, so make sure you have the room to accommodate. In return for this beefier form factor, you’ll benefit from a roomy interior offering a full 3.2 cubic feet of storage space.

Just under 1 cubic feet of this space is reserved for the freezer compartment up above. Whether you want some ice cream on hand or some frozen meals for when you don’t feel like whipping up a storm in the kitchen, you’ll appreciate this extra chiller.

A standalone unit, you can pop this fridge in a compact kitchen without the appliance dominating the space. You might struggle in particularly cramped kitchens, though. The reversible door gives you even more leeway when you’re looking to create the perfect set-up in your kitchen.

The robust glass shelf is fully adjustable so you can make space for larger bottles.

You’ll also get a dedicated crisper drawer so you can keep your fruits and veggies segregated and at their very freshest.

While this is certainly not the most compact of all the refrigerators we review today, if you’re looking for a meeting point between space-saving dimensions and a generous storage capacity, Euhomy hits a home run. You’ll also be covered by a 1-year limited warranty with this fridge, so what are you waiting for?

Things We Like

  • Freezer compartment up above
  • LED interior lighting
  • 1-year limited warranty

Things We Dislike

  • Not the smallest compact fridge

5. Danby Compact Refrigerator [4.4 Cubic Feet (125 L)]



  • 21 x 20.7 x 33 inches
  • 4 cubic feet
  • Spotless steel
  • Freestanding
  • Adjustable shelving

Danby produces a broad range of appliances with a sharp focus on design. This fridge is not a case of form over function, though.

Tardis-like inside, you get a spacious 4.4 cubic feet of interior storage despite this fridge measuring up at just 21 x 20.7 x 33 inches. The freestanding design gives you complete flexibility when it comes to placement. The reversible door handle and hinge means you can fine-tune set-up wonderfully.

Inside, you get a pair of full-width shelves perfect for wine bottles you’re planning to drink that same day. Storing wine bottles upright long-term is inadvisable. There’s also a single half-width shelf that’s also adjustable. All shelves are made from glass so clean-up couldn’t be easier.

The spotless stainless steel finish is expressly designed to minimize any marks and smears so your kitchen stays immaculate. You get the same longevity and performance as stainless steel, but you won’t need to put up with all the smudging that accompanies it.

With automatic defrosting baked in, you won’t need to worry about preventing that ice build-up that mars cheaper fridges.

A neat touch on this model is the integrated CanStor beverage dispenser. With a mechanical thermostat streamlining things further, this is a low-maintenance and efficient fridge that manages to deliver a compact footprint without compromising storage space.

Things We Like

  • Automatic defrosting streamlines operation
  • Mechanical thermostat keeps produce efficiently chilled
  • Reversible door hinge maximizes your options for placement

Things We Dislike

  • Some reported issues with warranty coverage

6. Best for Skincare: Cooluli Mini Fridge [(4 l)]



  • 25 x 10.25 x 10.75 inches
  • 15 cubic feet
  • Aluminum and plastic
  • Freestanding
  • Multiple power options

Next up we have a refrigerator that comes into its own for more than chilling your favorite bottles of wine. The Cooluli mini fridge is also ideal for keeping all your skincare products fresh. More on that below.

The size of this unit is likely what you first imagine when someone mentions a mini fridge. The Cooluli is the most compact unit on our shortlist measuring a mere 7.25 x 10.25 x 10.75 inches and tipping the scales at just 4 pounds. If you want a space-saving fridge for your office, man cave, or dorm room, this is the obvious solution.

Now, it goes unsaid you’ll need to be realistic about what you can store inside a fridge this small. If you were hoping to store an expansive wine collection, you’ll obviously be disappointed.

This appliance has a wider range of use cases than chilling wine, though. One of the smartest ways to use this unit is for storing face masks, toners, and any other skincare products that benefit from being chilled. Imagine waking up in the morning to an ice cold face mask to start your day feeling invigorated. You could even reach to this mini fridge from your bed if you install it in your bedroom.

Another nifty add-on is the optional USB power bank. This lets you charge up your devices without eating up all available power outlets.

With a removable inner shelf and container basket, you get a huge amount of flexibility from this small but highly effective refrigerator. If you don’t need acres of space, this fridge is well worth popping on your shortlist.

Things We Like

  • Ultra-compact and lightweight refrigerator
  • Optional integrated USB powerbank
  • Ideal for storing skincare products

Things We Dislike

  • Only runs on 110 volts

7. RCA Compact Refrigerator [1.6 Cubic Feet (45 L)]



  • 20 x 18 x 20 inches
  • 6 cubic feet
  • Steel
  • Freestanding
  • Reversible door

Are you tired of kitchen appliances in black or silver? If so, RCA gives you a wide palette of colors to choose from so you can brighten up your kitchen on a budget.

This dinky standalone unit measures up at just 20 x 18 x 20 inches and weighs just over 33 pounds. This makes the RCA a smart bet for cramped kitchens, apartments, dorm rooms, or anywhere that space is at a premium.

With a flush back design and a door designed to open in either direction, take full advantage of all available space without getting totally stiffed when it comes to storage.

Here, RCA manages to deliver a deceptively spacious interior. 2-liter bottle storage widens your options, and there’s also a dedicated ice chamber and tray, ideal for preparing ice if you haven’t yet invested in an ice machine. Be sure to check out our recent study of these machines, by the way.

The adjustable thermostat lets you manipulate the cooling environment according to the ambient temperature.

The only real issue we could unearth concerns not the refrigerator but customer service. Several disgruntled consumers complain about shoddy and unresponsive customer care.

If you’re looking for a space-saving cooling solution for all your white wine and much more besides, give this colorful model from RCA a look. It could be just what you’ve been hunting for, and it comes in at a very keen price point, too.

Things We Like

  • Comes in a broad range of bright colors
  • Compressor cooling and adjustable thermostat
  • Convenient 2L bottle holder in the door panel

Things We Dislike

  • Some complaints about customer care

8. Midea Reversible Compact Refrigerator [4.4 Cubic Feet (125 L)]



  • 3 x 19.7 x 33.4 inches
  • 4 cubic feet
  • Stainless steel
  • Freestanding
  • 42 decibels

Next up in our quest for the best mini fridges is another entry from the inimitable Midea. How does this fridge stack up, then?

Off the bat, you benefit from a separate freezer compartment. You should be aware, though, that this compartment doesn’t allow you to make ice cubes, and you won’t be able to store frozen food either. For us, that makes the compartment little more than a marketing gimmick.

Unless, that is, you stretch the boundaries of the mini fridge like Midea. This unit offers a full 4.4 cubic feet of capacity. As you would expect, dimensions are correspondingly robust with this fridge coming in at 21.3 x 19.7 x 33.4 inches.

You needn’t be too concerned about placement, though. The standalone design gives you great latitude. This is further enhanced by the reversible door and the fully adjustable legs. So, despite all that room inside, you shouldn’t have any trouble housing the Midea.

Intelligent design extends to slightly sloping walls that taper toward the back.

Whether you want to keep some white wine chilled to drink with dinner, or you want a multipurpose drinks fridge as an add-on to your primary refrigerator, you can’t go wrong with Midea. The only real issue we encountered with this refrigerator was some blowback from customers complaining about the noise. You should do your own due diligence here.

Overall, we feel this appliance is well worth a second glance when you’re comparing the best mini fridges.

Things We Like

  • Separate freezer compartment for more flexibility
  • Reversible door and adjustable legs
  • Generous storage area despite reasonably compact footprint

Things We Dislike

  • A few isolated complaints about the noise of this fridge

9. Danby Classic Refrigerator [1.7 Cubic Feet (48 L)]



  • 4 x 17.7 x 20 inches
  • 7 cubic feet
  • Stainless steel
  • Freestanding
  • 1-year warranty

As we edge to the end of our hunt for the best mini fridges out there, we have another model from the ever-reliable Danby.

Making appliances like this since 1968, you’re buying into outstanding brand heritage and expertise without needing to pay a fortune. How does this mini fridge shape up, though?

Like all Danby equipment, you get a combination of understated design and precision engineering in a chassis built to stay the distance.

This little fridge is EnergySTAR-compliant, too. This gives you the confidence that your electricity bills won’t suddenly spike.

One of the smaller fridges we look at today, the Danby Compact measures a mere 20.4 x 17.7 x 20 inches, although it’s fairly heavy at over 42 pounds. The freestanding fridge can slot in anywhere that suits without taking up much space.

The surface is resistant to smears and scratches so you won’t end up needing to hide the door with fridge magnets or Post-It Notes.

Steel build and wire shelving means this fridge should last for years if properly maintained. When you consider the competitive pricing, you get outstanding value for money from Danby.

Muted interior LED lights let you see your wine bottles and food without too much brightness spoiling the produce.

We did find a few isolated complaints about this fridge cooling things unevenly. Think closely about your intended use. If you’re only intending to chill a few cans and bottles, this should be no issue. If you wanted to store lots of delicate fresh food, you might want to explore some of the other options on our shortlist.

Things We Like

  • EnergySTAR-compliant for your peace of mind
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Interior LEDs so see everything clearly at a glance

Things We Dislike

  • Cooling can be uneven

10. Arctic King Mini Fridge [3.2 Cubic Feet (90 L)]



  • 5 x 19.4 x 33 inches
  • 2 cubic feet
  • Stainless steel
  • Freestanding
  • Reversible door

Arctic King offers a substantial 2-door appliance that still qualifies as a mini fridge, but delivers more capacity than much of the opposition.

The fridge is intended for freestanding use, so there’s almost nowhere you can’t pop the AK as long as you have at least18.5 x 19.4 x 33 inches of space in the room. With a reversible door hinge, you’ll be able to adjust set-up to mesh with your needs.

This refrigerator only comes in a stainless steel finish. If you wanted something brighter, we have several more colorful options up above.

Interior capacity is suitable spacious. You get 3.2 cubic feet of space split across the pair of compartments. Up above, there’s a freezer compartment. Among other things, this lets you stay on top of ice cubes for your favorite cocktails.

In the main section of the refrigerator, a 2-liter bottle rack and can dispenser caters for all the kids. Glass shelving lets you organize your food and bottles of wine.

You also get a fruit and vegetable crisper so you can keep all your produce segregated and at its very best.

We always bring you the good news and the bad news about all products we review, and it’s not all good with the Arctic King. A handful of users have complained about a disappointing lifespan. It’s tough to establish the accuracy of these claims, but you should be aware that longevity is not the Arctic King’s strong suit.

Things We Like

  • Vegetable and fruit crisper onboard
  • Energy-efficient fridge that runs quietly
  • Ideal compromise between capacity and overall dimensions

Things We Dislike

  • Some backlash about lifespan

11. Insignia Mini Fridge [2.6 Cubic Feet (73.6 L)]



  • 6 x 19.15 x 27.6 inches
  • 6 cubic feet
  • Stainless steel
  • Freestanding
  • 1-year warranty

Just before we wrap up our mini fridge reviews, here’s something for all you bargain hunters out there.

Insignia’s mini fridge occupies the mid-sized area of this category. With overall dimensions of 27.6 x 19.15 x 27.6 inches, this is not the smartest choice if space is too tight to mention.

In return, though, you’ll benefit from pretty generous storage capacity of 2.6 cubic feet. Always give plenty of consideration to how you intend to use a mini fridge. You might not need quite as much space as this, in which case we’d recommend picking one of the even more compact models on our shortlist.

Color choice is limited to black or white with the black looking much sleeker in our opinion.

You won’t get an ice maker or a freezer compartment with this single-door appliance. It’s a standalone model giving you the versatility to install it just about anywhere.

The 1-year warranty is less than ideal but not much more than you can expect in budget price territory. If, however, you’re looking for a cheap mini fridge that doesn’t let you down completely on the performance front, we’d strongly suggest checking out the Insignia.

Things We Like

  • Space-saving form factor but spacious interior
  • Highly competitive price
  • Subtle and muted aesthetics

Things We Dislike

  • Not app-compatible and no smart functionality

12. Frigidaire Mini Fridge [3.3 Cubic Feet (93.4 L)]



  • 3 x 21.6 x 33.5 inches
  • 5 cubic feet
  • Stainless steel
  • Freestanding
  • 1-year warranty

Frigidaire is a household name in the kitchenware space, and they produce a cost-effective line of efficient and economical fridges. How does this compact model shape up?

Firstly, choose from 3 simple colors to suit. The freestanding design means you can position this small, squat fridge just about anywhere. The door hinge is reversible, too, so you can set it up to make the most of the space in your kitchen.

That said, this is one of the larger fridges in the compact category, but if you can accommodate it, you’ll benefit when it comes to interior storage space.

Tall bottle storage allows you to stash 2 liter bottles inside. You can easily organize the shelving so it best fits your needs.

Now, as with all the fridges on our shortlist, you should consider a wine cooler if you’re looking to store your wine over the long haul and you’re looking to keep it at its very best. If you just need to keep a couple of bottles of white chilled ready to serve with dinner, though, the Frigidaire works well.

A full-width Chill Zone lets you keep a few frozen meals or a tray of ice cubes on hand.

The only real gripe we have about this refrigerator is the fact it’s one of the priciest options our our curated list of the best mini fridges. If you’re not shopping based primarily on the bottom line, though, you won’t be disappointed with the Frigidaire.

Things We Like

  • Trio of understated colorways available
  • In-door storage for gallon containers
  • Fully adjustable glass shelving

Things We Dislike

  • Not the cheapest option at your disposal


Well, with our mini fridge reviews complete, you should now have an accurate overview of all the best models on the market.

We deliberately chose a cross-section of sizings to cater for all tastes and space requirements.

The most important thing you can do comes before you buy a mini fridge. Spend plenty of time establishing how you plan to use your refrigerator. This, along with any space constraints, will determine the size of the unit that best fits as well as the amount of storage capacity it offers.

Before you hustle off today, we’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year. We’ll be working on through the holidays here at BriccoWine, so whether you want to find out how wine is made or you’re looking for advice on the best wine coolers or ice makers, be sure to pop back soon and we’ll have more great content waiting for you!

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