12 Best Wine Clubs of 2021 According to LIQUOR


How much time do you spend choosing wine?

Also, can you always get the wine you want locally, or do you find it quite difficult at times to keep your cellar stocked?

If you find yourself wasting too much time on the hunt for wine, why not consider joining one of the best wine clubs?

We understand that choosing a club can be bewildering with so much choice out there and so many potential bad options among the diamonds in the dirt.

So, we’ve done the hard work for you. We used many suggestions from Liquor.com and threw in a handful of our own to give you a curated list of the best wines clubs of 2021.


12 Best Wine Clubs

  1. Bounty Hunter
  2. Cellar 503
  3. Dry Farm Wines
  4. Martha Stewart Wine Club
  5. Orange Glou
  6. SommSelect
  7. Tasting Room
  8. The California Wine Club
  9. Viticole
  10. William Sonoma Wine Clubs
  11. Winc
  12. Wine Awake

1) Bounty Hunter


Bounty Hunter is a wine club based in the heart of the famous Napa Valley.

You can expect a quarterly mailing from this firm and the website is transparent about what you can expect. The focus is on fruit-driven wines that are bold and pure. You won’t get any lean-bodied or oxidized wines in your package.

At the lower end of the line comes the Killer Cabernet Club priced at $199. At the upper end comes the Most Wanted Sixer. This package will run you $599 and yields you a half-dozen bottles of domestic wines from the top segment of the quality pyramid. You can also find a range of packages in between.

All this translates to regular shipments of bottles (2, 3, or 6) that are hand-picked by experts and come accompanied by detailed tasting notes. Since this is not a winery wine club, you’ll benefit from much more variety.

If you’re a fan of bold, fruit-heavy wines, both domestic and European, we’d strongly suggest checking out what Bounty Hunter has to offer.

2) Cellar 503

Cellar 503 is an Oregon wine club that exposes you to the impressive scope of wine from all 21 wine-producing regions.

First, choose whether you want red-only, white-only, or mixed shipments. Then choose a monthly or quarterly package to personalize your purchase.

All wines you receive have been handpicked by the CEO and founder of this innovative club. Many of these come from boutique producers making only a few thousand cases a year. You’ll also experience some unusual varietals from yet-undiscovered areas in Oregon.

Each month, there are themes to liven things up, and you’ll get amply detailed notes thrown in.

Cellar 503 offers gift memberships, too. This makes the perfect last-minute gift for any wine lover in your life. They’ll thank you for it profusely, and they’re sure to offer you a glass or two as well!

Prices start at $45 monthly with free shipping included.

3) Dry Farm Wines

Both the keto and paleo diets are increasingly popular as more people eat mindfully and healthfully. Whether you follow one of these diets or you just like your wine natural, Dry Farm Wines could be just what you’ve been looking for.

This health-focused wine club has blends of wines that mesh with either the keto or paleo diet. Natural and free of all additives, the wines are also low in alcohol and sugar-free. All wines are lab-tested for purity.

Shipments start at $159 and you can opt for monthly or bi-monthly deliveries. Wine selections include 6 bottles of red, whites, or mixed bottles.

Ramp up to the $299 subscription and you’ll enjoy 12 biodynamic wines from small wineries all over the world. Shipments mix up styles and origins, and all shipments come backed by the company’s Happiness Promise. If you’re unhappy with any bottle, you’ll get a free, no-quibbles replacement. What more can you ask for?

4) Martha Stewart Wine Club

Martha Stewart needs no introduction, and who better than a famed entertainer to curate wines ideal for entertaining?

You pick a selection of 6 or 12 bottles of wine depending on your requirements. You then select delivery every 6 or 8 weeks giving you the wine you want when you want it. You can arrange to receive whites, reds, or mixed shipments. All memberships include free shipping.

The 6-bottle package translates to $9 per bottle. If you opt for a 12-bottle package, the price drops to roughly $8 per bottle.

As well as handpicking the wines, Martha Stewart also includes suggestions for entertaining, serving, and pairing the bottles.

Like all the best wine clubs, if you’re not happy with any bottle you receive, request a free replacement with no questions asked.

As an introduction to the Martha Stewart cellar, you’ll get a curated collection showcasing some outstanding French and Spanish reds and whites.

Whether you invest in this wine for yourself or as a gift, getting started couldn’t be easier. After a single payment, your bottles will start arriving and keep coming until you cancel. Enjoy!

5) Orange Glou

Doreen Winkler is a natural wine sommelier and fan of orange wines. Orange wine is a type of white wine. It’s made by leaving the grape seeds and skins in contact with the juice to generate a wine that’s deep orange in hue.

Winkler sources the best orange wine from around the world and offers them to subscribers in packages of 3 or 6 bottles to suit. All wines come with robust descriptions, comprehensive tasting notes, and some suggestions for food pairing.

For a 3-bottle subscription, you’ll pay $105 monthly while the 6-bottle package will run you $195 per month.

Benefit from the relationships Winkler has forged with winemakers the world over and enjoy some skin-contact wines you might otherwise not have encountered.

6) SommSelect

Ian Cauble, star of the Somm films and master sommelier, founded SommSelect to give you the chance to drink the finest wines even if you’re a complete beginner.

The core offering is straightforward with just 2 options. Drink Like a Somm gives you 4 bottles a month for $99. You’ll also need to pay shipping costs. With The Somm Six, get half a dozen bottles of reds and whites for $199 plus shipping.

If you fancy sharpening your skills, you might enjoy the blind-tasting option. Get some wrapped and numbered wines along with a tasting notebook. Follow the blind-tasting guidelines and see how you fare!

7) Tasting Room

If you dislike the idea of rigid wine clubs where you don’t get too much choice, you’ll love Tasting Room, arguably the most customizable wine club out there.

Get started by answering some simple questions on the website. Based on your responses, the algorithm will build a wine tasting kit for you with 6 mini bottles in each. These kits cost as little as $9.95. You then report back and order some full-sized bottles of wine based on your assessment.

Decide how often you’d like your bottles sent out and give ongoing feedback to ensure you’ll always receive only the wine you want.

8) The California Wine Club


The California Wine Club has been delivered blends of wine from working wineries direct to consumers since 1990.

Many clubs will push their own wines or private label wine, but The California Wine Club will only offer you wine from working wineries to help these smaller, often family-run, businesses to thrive rather than just survive.

All bottles are hand-selected and the company doesn’t outsource this element.

You have a number of subscriptions to choose from. The Pacific Northwest Series gives you 2 bottles of artisan blends from the best family wineries in Washington and Oregon. This costs around $77 per shipment.

With the Premier Series, you get a different wine every month. The package will contain 2 bottles of handcrafted blends along with tasting notes and access to a personal wine consultant. You can also enjoy VIP tasting and touring at any of the featured wineries.

Take advantage of a pay-as-you-go system with a monthly fee of $41 until you choose to cancel.

9) Viticole

Founded by another master sommelier who starred in the Somm movies, Viticole gives you organic wines from around the world delivered to your door for just over $100 monthly.

With the core offering (Viticole Wine Club), you get 24 bottles a year split across 2 shipments. This is just $105 monthly.

Step up to Viticole Wine Club 2.0 and you’ll get 2 cases in each shipment for $210 a month.

This is not a quick entry point into wine clubs, though. Once you’ve signed up, it could take 2 to 4 months before you’re up and running.

10) William Sonoma Wine Clubs

The sommeliers and chefs from Williams Sonoma Wine Club travel widely to curate outstanding vintages for your enjoyment. These wines come from both top estates and boutique wineries.

The Explorer Wine Club treats you to wines from all over the world, while the Entertainer Wine Club gives you 6 striking bottles ideal for aging. The former costs $90 plus shipping and you’ll get 6 bottles. The latter is $210 plus shopping for 6 bottles.

Membership benefits are impressive. As well as a satisfaction guarantee, you’ll also get detailed tasting notes and perfectly-paired Williams Sonoma recipes. As an added kicker, you’ll also get a discount on all wine you buy in stores.

11) Winc

You start your Winc wine expedition by responding to a stripped-down 6-question quiz. This will help the company to customize your first shipment of 4 bottles to be sent out monthly.

As you have the chance to review the wine you receive, you can keep on fine-tuning your selections. Ultimately, you’ll spend less time poring over which wine you should choose giving you more time to kick back and enjoy it.

One of the key selling points of this wine club is the flexibility of the subscriptions. You can cancel at any time with no hassle, and you can also skip months easily making it great for anyone who frequently travels or has an unpredictable lifestyle.

As with all great wine clubs, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed with any bottles you don’t enjoy being replaced free of charge.

Subscriptions start at $39 monthly for 3 bottles. You’ll need to pay for shipping unless you order 4 bottles or more.

12) Wine Awake

Wine Awake is a monthly club offering wine at affordable prices from Elma Wine & Liquor.

Shipments bundle famous varietals with less common varietals from boutique wineries.

If you’re shopping for wine on a budget, you’ll end up spending perhaps 20% less than retail if you join Wine Awake. Often, savings are as much as 40%.

Choose from red, white, or both, and receive 2 carefully chosen bottles each month that showcase lesser-known varietals, brands, and regions. The underlying goal of the company is to raise knowledge and awareness without driving the price up.

Reds cost $25 monthly and whites are around $20 monthly. A mixed shipment for $45 gives you 2 bottles of each.


Well, you might have arrived here today with absolutely no clue about which wine clubs are worth your investment, but that should have changed by now.

If you are tempted to get some great wines sent direct to your door, you shouldn’t blunder in and choose the first club you encounter. Take your time to thoroughly research a handful of options so you can ensure you get hand-selected wines tailored to your requirements not a generic case of bottles you could just as easily buy in the store.

Before you rush off, bookmark BriccoWine, and be sure to pop back next time you need some guidance on any aspect of vino. We’ll see you soon!

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