The 15 Best Wine Openers


Opening your bottles of wine is something you need more than a cheap and battered old corkscrew for.

How do you know which type of bottle opener would work best, though?

Well, the first thing you can do is browse today’s guide. We’ll get started by outlining the many different approaches you can take to uncorking your wine. All that counts is determining which of these makes the neatest fit.

You can then seamlessly remove the cork from your wine bottles without breaking a sweat, without damaging the cork or the wine, and without spilling a drop.

Sounds good?

As always, we’ll review the best products out there. We don’t just focus on the good either, but we’ll also honestly summarize the flaws. This allows you to buy with your eyes wide open.

Alongside this, we’ll throw in all the buying guidance you need to streamline your purchase and get the best opener at the right price.

First thing’s first, how do the different types of bottle opener vary and why should you care?

I. What Kind of Wine Openers Are There?


If you’re initially confused by the array of wine bottle openers out there, check out this snapshot of the leading types:

  • Twist Corkscrew
  • Waiter’s Corkscrew
  • Winged Corkscrew
  • Electric Wine Opener
  • Air Pressure Wine Opener
  • Air Pump Corkscrew
  • Lever Corkscrew

Twist Corkscrew

The very first wine bottle opener was invented in 1795 by Reverend Samuel Henshall who went on to patent this device.

The handle allows you to twist the corkscrew and remove even stubborn corks with relative ease. If you get a really tough cork, this type of twist corkscrew will come up short.

Also, if you suffer from arthritis or you have weak wrists, you’ll find this sort of corkscrew unsuitable.

Anyone seeking a budget corkscrew with no fuss or fanfare will find this twist corkscrew ideal.

Waiter’s Corkscrew

Also known as a wine key or a sommelier’s corkscrew, waiter’s corkscrews are a staple in bars and restaurants the world over.

Carl Wienke invented this form of corkscrew back in 1882 and it’s still going strong today.

The double hinges on this type of corkscrew gives you extra leverage when it counts. Simply slip in the corkscrew then take advantage of that additional purchase to remove it without undue effort.

Winged Corkscrew

The double-lever winged corkscrew was patented by HS Heely in 1888.

When it arrived in the US in the early 1900s, the winged corkscrew become enduringly popular and is still commonplace today.

The pair of levers allow you to remove corks easily. Occasionally, you might run into problems and shred the cork, though. To mitigate this, look for a model that’s not too wide.

Electric Wine Opener

If you don’t like the idea of the effort involved with a manual bottle opener, or you struggle with using your hands, an electric wine opener is the obvious solution. We review a handful of these rechargeable models giving you cordless convenience and the ability to open up to 120 bottles of wine on a single charge.

Inside these units, you typically get a corkscrew that turns at the push of a button and extracts your wine cork from the bottle without you needing to break a sweat.

For seniors and anyone with restricted dexterity, these models make perfect sense.

Air Pressure Wine Opener

In place of a regular corkscrew, air pressure wine openers call for a hollow needle to be inserted into the cork. You then push a button and a metered dose of CO2 from a cartridge pushes the cork out of the bottle.

Quick, easy to use, and spot-on for the elderly and the arthritic, what’s the problem with this style of wine opener?

Put simply, these openers last for less than 100 uses making them less than pocket-friendly.

Air Pump Corkscrew

The basic principle of an air pump corkscrew is the same as an air pressure wine opener. The same hollow needle goes inside the cork. Instead of the cartridge, you use a pump that pushes air inside the bottle until the cork is forced out.

Although these corkscrews are not so popular these days for mass-market consumption, many oenophiles will use nothing but these nifty devices. Why not give one a shot if you’re hunting for something slightly different?

Lever Corkscrew

The last main type of corkscrew you should be aware of is the classic lever variant.

Also sometimes called bunny ears corkscrews, this beginner-friendly corkscrew allows you to familiarize yourself with uncorking without needing any special skills or strength.

When you squeeze the handles together, the cork is removed through the force exerted.

The drawback of lever corkscrews is the bulky design meaning storing them in drawers can be problematic.

Now, there’s more to consider before you whip out your credit card. Before our bottle opener buying guide, though, we have a collection of the 15 best wine openers so you can establish which ones looks like the best bet.

Dive right in!

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II. The 15 Best Wine Openers

1. Our #1 Pick:Oster Cordless Electric Wine Opener


Our overall favorite wine opener is an electric model designed to make uncorking your wine as effortless as possible.

If you’re concerned about battery life, expect to open up to 30 bottles before you need to recharge the Oster. In return, you’ll get cord-free convenience and no need to rely on an electrical outlet.

There’s the requisite foil cutter in place so you can make light work of the seals on your wine bottles without needing to grab a separate tool.

Like all the best wine openers, the handle is designed for a snug grip with no chance of losing your grip and shattering your bottle of wine.

Note that the charging base bundled only works with 110 to 120 volts.

If you want to remove the physical effort from uncorking your wine bottles without spending a fortune, this cost-effective electrical model makes a smart bet.

Despite such robust performance across the board, this corkscrew is great value so why not pop it on the top of your shortlist?

Things We Like

  • Open as many as 30 bottles before recharging
  • Slice through seals with foil cutter
  • Ergonomic handle

Things We Dislike

  • Customer service is disappointing
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  • 2. Runner-Up: Secura Electric Wine Opener


    Coming in a close second, this Secura is another solid option if you’re looking for an electrical bottle opening solution.

    In terms of design, this is a standout winner. The bottle opener itself contains colored LEDs at the bottom while the remainder is finished in a sleek stainless steel. Is it a case of form over function, though?

    Fortunately not. Firstly, the whole unit is small enough that it won’t eat up too much space on your kitchen counter.

    Next, using the bottle opener couldn’t be much easier. All you need to do is pop your wine bottle onto the top, push a button, and pour. Ease of use makes this a great gift even if the person isn’t a great tech-lover.

    Although most users found this corkscrew more than fit for purpose, we unearthed a few gripes about a lack of power.

    Unlike some of the opposition, the charging base is compatible with both 110 volts and 240 volts so you can use it worldwide without needing a transformer.

    Things We Like

    • Easy to use and requires no effort
    • Striking LEDs make a commanding statement
    • Space-saving dimensions ideal for cramped kitchens

    Things We Dislike

    • A few complaints about this corkscrew being underpowered
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  • 3. Best Budget: Pulltap’s Double-Hinged Waiter’s Corkscrew


    Anyone looking for the best cheap corkscrew should consider the Pulltap’s double-hinged model before looking any further. In many ways, this looks like a much more expensive bottle opener and there’s no immediately obvious compromise on quality.

    You get a great choice of colors if the standard-issue silver doesn’t appeal.

    The handle allows you to get a firm grip with no chance of slippage or spillage.

    Attention to detail extends to the worm. This is treated with Teflon so you get even greater leverage and you can uncork your bottles smoothly.

    The only real drawback is a general issue with manual corkscrews – you will need to exert at least some physical force. If you don’t mind this, you’re in for a real treat with the Pulltap’s and you won’t need to dig too deep for the privilege. The advantage, of course, is that you won’t need to be near a source of electricity and you can easily take this corkscrew with you on holiday.

    Things We Like

    • Stripped down simplicity at its finest
    • Comes in a wide range of colorways
    • Couldn’t be easier to use and needs no electricity

    Things We Dislike

    • You need to physically pull out the cork so not ideal for everyone
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  • 4. Also Great: HiCoup Waiter’s Corkscrew


    HiCoup rolls out a stainless steel and wood corkscrew beloved by waiters and wine waiters the world over. If you fancy yourself as a home sommelier, why should you pick this waiter’s corkscrew?

    The simplicity of the design is perhaps its enduring feature. As long as you aren’t averse to physically opening your bottle, the HiCoup does the rest for you.

    The worm will work confidently with both natural and synthetic corks so you’re covered whatever type of wine you drink.

    The fulcrum is double-hinged giving you some precious extra purchase if you’re dealing with longer and more stubborn corks.

    The wooden handle allows for a comfortable grip while remaining textured enough to stay firmly in your grasp at all times.

    There’s a separate foil cutter onboard allowing you to attack those tedious seals without grabbing a knife.

    Build quality is such that you shouldn’t encounter any problems at all. If you do, you’re backed by a lifetime guarantee. Call in for a refund or a replacement any time.

    Things We Like

    • 420 stainless steel built to last a lifetime
    • Worm designed to work with natural or synthetic corks
    • No-quibbles lifetime guarantee

    Things We Dislike

    • Some gripes about unresponsive customer care
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  • 5. Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener


    The pioneering design of this rechargeable electric wine bottle opener allows it to stand upright with no need for a base.

    Before you uncork your bottle, remove the lid as this converts into a foil cutter. Once you’ve sliced through the seal, you can then open as many as 40 bottles in one session before needing to give the Ozeri a burst of charge.

    The shell is see-through. This lets you monitor the progress of uncorking, ideal if you’re struggling with. a stubborn cork.

    A muted blue LED shows when the unit is in use and when it’s charging. For charging, all you need to do is plug the Ozeri in using the provided adapter. We would recommend leaving it on to charge overnight then you won’t need to worry about it for some time. Well, for as long as it takes you to drink 40 bottles of wine!

    Choose from black, red, or silver to suit and make opening your wine bottles almost as much fun as drinking them.

    Things We Like

    • Innovative curved design eliminates need for base
    • Class-leading 40-bottle opening on a single charge
    • Transparent shell adds visual layer to uncorking

    Things We Dislike

    • Build quality and lifespan are questionable

    6. Brookstone Compact Wine Opener


    Next up in our wine opener reviews is a space-saving manual model from Brookstone but is it any good?

    The traditional lever design ensures you get an efficient bottle opening tool even if it’s not going to win any design awards. As long as you don’t run into any interference, you can uncork your wine bottles in seconds.

    The handle is designed so it’s slightly longer than normal. This gives you important extra purchase invaluable if you encounter any tough or longer corks.

    The hand grip is comfy enough to grab and won’t slide out of your hands.

    The worm can deal with both synthetic and natural corks with equal ease so whether you’re drinking modern or vintage wine, opening the bottles is fuss-free across the board.

    With all those positives, you might be thinking this is the perfect corkscrew. The bad news come in the form of questionable build quality. Ask yourself how long you expect a piece of kit at this price point to last. If you’re shopping based primarily on intended durability, we’d advise looking elsewhere. Anyone else is likely to be delighted with this efficient and cost-effective corkscrew from Brookstone.

    Things We Like

    • Uncork bottles in 3 seconds flat
    • Design of lever streamlines uncorking
    • Suitable for both synthetic and natural corks

    Things We Dislike

    • Build quality is disappointing

    7. Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer


    For anyone looking for a multipurpose appliance that incorporates a bottle opener, Cuisinart delivers this stunning vacuum sealer that’s a must.

    Ideal for use in a commercial backdrop, you could power through up to 80 bottles before this unit needs recharging. Mainly intended for home use, though, you can expect plenty of faithful service from this kitchen companion.

    You get a complete package with the charging base, bottle opener, and foil cutter giving you everything you need to strip away the seal and remove the cork without putting in any undue effort.

    With a rubberized handle, you can focus on the job at hand without worrying about losing your grip. As with all aspects of design, you’ll appreciate the intelligence underpinning it.

    The expanse of stainless steel is offset by BPA-free plastic so you get a visually attractive bottle opener that delivers fully on the performance front.

    This unit doesn’t cope well with natural corks so only proceed if you drink bottles with synthetic corks. If so, you should be quietly impressed with your purchase.

    Things We Like

    • Remove up to 80 corks on a single charge
    • Easy to grip with rubberized handles
    • Ideal for synthetic corks

    Things We Dislike

    • A few issues with longevity

    8. Le Creuset Waiter’s Friend


    Le Creuset is a legend in the kitchenware space famous for their top-notch pots and pans. How about their attempt at a corkscrew, though? Is it any good?

    To kick off, you get a patented two-step design from a company who have lasered in on how to make opening bottles as seamless as possible. This makes a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want either the restrictions of an electric bottle opener or the effort usually involved with a manual alternative.

    Choose from multiple attractive color schemes if you’re tired of silver gadgets.

    Build is enviable and you should expect a lifetime of use from this corkscrew if properly maintained. You’ll be backed by a Le Creuset warranty for the first 10 years, too.

    While you could find a cheaper waiter’s corkscrew, this Le Creuset is right up there with the very best and doesn’t cost as much as you might imagine. Why not treat yourself?

    Things We Like

    • Impeccable brand heritage
    • Two-step design unique to Le Creuset
    • 10-year warranty inspires confidence

    Things We Dislike

    • Some negative feedback about durability

    9. Monopol Westmark Two-Prong Wine Cork Puller


    Do you want a no-nonsense and back-to-basics corkscrew from a brand you can trust? If so, invest in this double-pronged effort from Monopol, the German giant.

    The die-cast construction should lead to a lifetime of use. Look after this corkscrew and keep it clean with just soap and water. Do this and you shouldn’t run into any snags at all.

    Although the 5-year warranty could be lengthier, you really can’t expect too much more at this price point. If you want longer coverage, we’d suggest the Le Creuset above as an alternative.

    The attractive gift box and packages makes this corkscrew a great present for any wine lovers in your life. Why not wait and see what offers you can find this looming Black Friday?

    You can also use this two-prong puller to poke your cork back into the bottle if you don’t quite finish it in a single sitting. There’s a slight learning curve but, once mastered, you’ll never waste any wine again and you won’t notice any drop in quality since it will be properly re-corked.

    Things We Like

    • Die-cast metal for great lifespan
    • Easy to clean with just soap and water
    • 5-year warranty for complete peace of mind

    Things We Dislike

    • A few issues with rust according to a handful of disgruntled users

    10. IPOW Wing Corkscrew


    Another traditional wing corkscrew, the IPOW comes in at a budget price point, but do you lose out on quality in pursuit of a bargain?

    In a word, yes. This corkscrew really is quite fragile even if looks rugged at first glance. We would advise exercising care when you’re using it and looking after it. If not, you could join a number of disgruntled consumers complaining about their IPOW corkscrew breaking after next to no time.

    That said, the zinc alloy build means there’s no chance rust will set in and spoil your corkscrew.

    When it comes to clean-up, just blitz this thing with some warm soapy water, dry it thoroughly and you’re good to go.

    The ergonomic grip gives you a nice and snug grasp. Even if you’re using this corkscrew to open multiple bottles, you won’t feel strained and you won’t lose your grip either.

    Although there are no bells or whistles and you need to bear in mind that questionable lifespan, we feel this is a reasonable corkscrew for the money, although there are certainly better options out there.

    Things We Like

    • Premium zinc alloy build inhibits rust and increases lifespan
    • Anti-slip handle so no spillages
    • Customer service helpful and responsive

    Things We Dislike

    • Not as sturdy as it looks

    11. Wine Ziz Amazingly Simple Wine Opener


    As we edge toward the end of our wine bottle opener reviews, we have another traditional and super-simple model from Wine Ziz.

    The first notable plus point is the fact the worm will uncork any type of cork whether natural or synthetic.

    We were surprised at the strength and rigidity of this corkscrew considering the budget pricing. If you’re looking for a bargain, this is another of our pocket-friendly favorites.

    The anti-slip grip lets you wield your wine bottles with the confidence of a sommelier and no fear of letting your precious wine slide and smash.

    Although you’ll need to put in a modicum of effort – certainly more than with an electrical variant, anyway – in return you get a compact and travel-friendly corkscrew. You can also use this thing anywhere even if you’re nowhere near a power outlet.

    Customer service is uppermost with this company and you should find quick and helpful staff ready to solve any problems that crop up.

    Things We Like

    • Works with all shapes and sizes of wine bottle
    • Rugged enough for commercial use
    • Easy to slip in your luggage for travel use

    Things We Dislike

    • Popping sound is grating

    12. Coravin Premium Corkscrew


    Now, if you’re looking for a cheap corkscrew, scroll away now. The Coravin is eye-wateringly expensive, but in many consumer’s eyes makes the ultimate corkscrew with a twist…

    This unit comes powered by argon gas. This inert gas has been used by winemakers for generations.

    Sounds tempting, right? How does this bottle opener actually work, though?

    Well, that’s part of the beauty. It really couldn’t be simpler to use even if you hate gadgets and you’re not too tech-savvy. The tech baked in means you can pour your wine without ever actually removing the cork. This allows for optimal aeration with no wastage whatsoever.

    You get a couple of the requisite argon capsules included. After this, you’ll need to factor in sourcing and buying replacements. Bear this in mind when you’re considering the already-high price tag.

    Ultimately, this sort of gadget is absolutely not for everyone. If you’re shopping on a budget or looking for a traditional manual corkscrew, this is clearly not even on your shortlist. For someone not motivated mainly by price and searching for a real conversation piece, the Coravin is tailor-made.

    Things We Like

    • Pour your wine without opening the cork
    • Couple of argon capsules bundled
    • Innovative gadget that makes a real conversation piece

    Things We Dislike

    • Extremely expensive so not for everyone

    13. Wine Enthusiast 2-in-1 Electric Wine Bottle Opener


    Wine Enthusiast gives you a 7-in-1 package including everything you need to open and preserve your wine for far less than you might think.

    The centerpiece is the charging station. Once you have your bottle opener juiced up, you can open 40 bottles before needing to recharge it.

    Using this thing couldn’t be easier despite the intimidating looks. Place your bottle under the automatic corkscrew and the cork is removed in seconds. This model can cope with either natural or synthetic corks.

    The pouring spout allows for maximum aeration bringing out all the flavors and aromas in your wine without calling for a separate wine aerator.

    The foil cutter onboard is ideal and means you don’t need any extra kit. With Wine Enthusiast, you have literally everything you need to get going right out the box. Whether you want this gadget for home use or for a commercial kitchen, you won’t be disappointed.

    Things We Like

    • Rechargeable with dock included
    • Open up to 40 bottles one after the other
    • Pouring spout intensifies aeration

    Things We Dislike

    • Some users have found this corkscrew fails to last the distance

    14. Flauno Electric Wine Opener


    As we near the very end of our bottle opener reviews, how does this electric model from Flauno stand out in a crowded field?

    To get going, you can uncork a staggering 120 bottles on a single charge. This represents double or even triple the performance of most of the competition.

    Made from aluminum, you get the benefit of strength and durability without the corkscrew weighing you down. It won’t rust and it’s also remarkably easy to clean. Blitz it with some warm soapy water and that’s all you need to worry about.

    The presentation box elevates this wine opener to a great gift for any wine enthusiasts in your life.

    The motor runs remarkably quietly so you won’t need to tolerate any annoying buzzing in pursuit of ease of use.

    The only real negative testimony we could find concerns a handful of users complaining about corks sticking. Overall, you’ll get a first-class bottle opener at a very reasonable price point, so what are you waiting for?

    Things We Like

    • Open a class-leading 120 bottles before corkscrew needs juice
    • Foil cutter, vacuum stopper, and aerator pouring all onboard
    • Aluminum housing lightweight yet robust

    Things We Dislike

    • A few customers talk about corks sticking

    15. OXO Steel Winged Corkscrew


    Last but by no means least, this classic winged corkscrew from OXO rates a mention. How does this stainless steel model acquit itself, then?

    Thanks to the self-centering screw, you’ll find no resistance from any type of corkscrew. From natural to synthetic corks, they’ll all come sliding out with consummate ease.

    The removable foil cutter makes light work of those tasky seals and stores onboard so there’s no chance of losing it.

    The housing is made from aluminum alloy delivering a robust and long-lasting bottle opener. The ABS plastic make a nice complement to the chromed-out finish.

    You don’t get anything out of the ordinary with this traditional corkscrew, but it gets the job done quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

    Things We Like

    • Self-centering screw helps you remove any kind of corkscrew
    • Foil cutter removable and snaps neatly into place in the base
    • Ergonomic and easy to use

    Things We Dislike

    • Value is debatable

    OK, with our wine bottle opener reviews put to bed, it’s time to highlight the important points you should think about on the buying trail.

    III. What to Look for When Buying a Wine Opener


    The first and most important part of choosing the right wine opener for you centers on the style of opener. Our detailed breakdown of the various types along with their benefits and drawbacks should guide you.

    With that taken care of, you should double down on these elements:

    • Types of Cork
    • Price vs Performance
    • Build Quality and Lifespan

    1. Types of Cork

    What kind of wine do you drink? Specifically, do you consume bottles with natural corks or synthetic corks?

    If you’re not sure, you should check closely since not all bottle openers can cope with both types of cork.

    Natural corks come from a cork tree, native to Portugal and Spain. Corks can be obtained without felling the tree making this a sustainable method. Natural corks let your wine breathe wonderfully although there’s always a risk of overexposure to the elements since not all corks fit perfectly in place.

    Beyond this, the fungus that can blight natural cork can lead to wine that tastes corked. They could also crumble off leaving debris in the wine.

    Synthetic corks avoid some of the above issues experienced with natural corks, but they are not as breathable. These corks are not good if you have wine that needs maturing.

    On the plus side, you won’t suffer from cork taint and spoiled wine as you don’t have that same natural product.

    2. Price vs Performance

    Price plays a role in most buying decisions.

    If you’re looking for a cheap and traditional corkscrew, they are all priced similarly and are well within pretty much anyone’s budget.

    Anyone who is not quite so price sensitive can step things up to an electric bottle opener without needing to spend a fortune.

    At the upper end, you can find expensive and niche bottle openers that make a great conversation piece besides uncorking your wine with ruthless efficiency.

    You should also, of course, factor in the expected lifespan of the bottle openers you’re looking at – more on that directly below. Get all these pointers right and you’ll have no snags establishing which bottle opener makes the best overall value for you and your budget.

    3. Build Quality and Lifespan

    Think about the materials used, how the corkscrew is engineered, and how long the guarantee is. When you have these factors covered, you should see how long you can expect your new bottle opener to last. In most cases, you should get years of fuss-free use.

    To round out, we’ve curated a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions about wine bottle openers so you have everything you need in one place.

    IV. FAQs

    1) What is the main advantage of natural corks?

    Breathability. This natural and porous material is precisely what you need if you’re preserving and maturing wine.

    2) What is the main advantage of synthetic corks?

    The fact you run no risk at all of your wine being corked and the taste spoiled.

    3) Does it require much effort to use a manual corkscrew?

    This is relative. That said, unless you struggle with dexterity, you shouldn’t find you need to do much more than gently pull.

    4) What’s the point of spending more for an electric bottle opener?

    If you’re elderly and having issues with your hands, an electric bottle opener saves you from any effort beyond pushing a button. The same applies if you suffer from arthritis.

    5) What is the best type of bottle opener?

    There’s no single type that works well for all people in all situations. Our advice is to read our breakdown of the different corkscrews and bottle openers at your disposal. You can then easily find the only thing that counts: the right wine opener for you.

    V. Conclusion

    If you started out today with no idea about which type of wine opener would make the best fit for you, today’s comprehensive guide to the best wine bottle openers should have changed that.

    We’ve included more choices than usual today as there’s such a broad spread of types and price points that we’ve thrown in something to appeal to all tastes and budgets.

    Now, before you rush off, take a second to bookmark BriccoWine and pop back any time you need some impartial guidance on buying the best equipment for your wine collection. We’re limbering up for a very busy October, so we’ll see you soon!

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