Humidor 101: How Does a Cigar Humidor Work?

How Does a Humidor Work? Name one cigar enthusiast who doesn’t care about the condition of their cigars. You probably can’t. That’s because cigar lovers are universally passionate about the flavor and feel of their cigars, which is why humidors are such an essential part of their experience. So what does a cigar humidor do? … Read more

How To Drink Port Wine


Port is a sweet fortified wine. It’s made from blended red grapes found in the Portuguese Douro River Valley. The drink was created in order to keep the red wines preserved as they made the lengthy journey from the vineyards in the valley down to the town of Porto where they are stored before being … Read more

How To Make Vinegar from Wine


Do you often find yourself with leftover wine after dinner? Whether you live alone and struggle to drink a whole bottle of wine, or your partner urges you to open a second bottle and then doesn’t help you finish it, there’s no need to waste your leftovers. The most obvious solution is to invest in … Read more

How Is Wine Made?


People have been making wine for thousands of years. Do you have any idea how it’s made, though? Today, we’ll be outlining the specifics of this natural process that calls for remarkably little by the way of human intervention. By the end of this short guide, you’ll know exactly how your favorite wine gets from … Read more

12 Best Wine Clubs of 2021 According to LIQUOR


How much time do you spend choosing wine? Also, can you always get the wine you want locally, or do you find it quite difficult at times to keep your cellar stocked? If you find yourself wasting too much time on the hunt for wine, why not consider joining one of the best wine clubs? … Read more