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There’s nothing more relaxing than a cool glass of wine at the end of the day. Whether you enjoy white, red, rosé, or a rarer variety, most drinkers love the refreshing taste a wine provides. 

If this sounds like you, then you hate cracking open a bottle of wine and finding it lukewarm. It can completely ruin the evening and leave you feeling frustrated.

What can be done to help? Wine coolers do the trick.

We’ve created a list of the top reasons to buy a wine cooler and how to pick the perfect model. Just read on for everything you need to know and get ready to elevate your evenings, all thanks to this simple accessory.

What Is A Wine Cooler?

As you’ve probably guessed, a wine cooler is a device used to keep your bottles at the best temperature. It’s similar to a fridge but designed to hold bottles, but they’re also stunning to look at. 

They can range from small devices designed that hold three or four bottles to large industrial coolers, which can hold over fifty. 

What Does a Wine Cooler Offer?

There are several key benefits to choosing wine coolers. Here’s what makes these devices so special. 

  • Perfect Drinking Temperature

There’s nothing worse than opening a bottle on a hot summer evening and finding its taste unpleasant because it’s too warm. A wine cooler will add to your drinking experience by keeping your bottles completely chilled. You don’t have to worry about putting the bottle in the fridge ready for an evening or not having enough prepared — just store them all in your cooler and they’re ready whenever you want them.

  • Decorative Home Piece

Not only do wine coolers have a range of practical benefits, but they also make an excellent decorative addition to your home. Many have glass or plastic doors, allowing you to view all the bottles you store in there easily. This is perfect if you want to display rare or luxurious varieties or simply show anyone who visits your home that you’re proud of your collection. They come in a range of sizes, so it’s easy to find one that’s perfect for whatever kind of space you live in.

  • Longer-lasting Wine

Opened bottles sadly go off very fast, which is particularly annoying if you only want a small glass with a meal and don’t want the pressure of drinking a whole bottle. Investing in a cooler is a great idea if you often have to deal with this problem, as keeping it chilled at the right temperature will increase its lifespan, meaning you have to throw away less wine, saving money and time.

  • Child-Safe

If you have children, one of the major benefits of a wine cooler is making sure they don’t have access to your alcohol. You can find coolers that have child-safe locks. They can also be padlocked or fitted with a similar device to ensure that only adults can access them. This makes it much safer than putting the wine in the fridge, where a curious child could get hold of it.

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Understanding the Wine Refrigerator

In the past, wine enthusiasts have used the term “wine cooler” to describe appliances made for preserving and cooling wine. In recent years, this term has spread around the world.

Generally, wine coolers are equipped with two main features, thermoelectric or standard compressors, and single or dual zones. These features affect the quality of wine you receive overtime. 

Let’s take a deeper look into these features. 

What is a Single Zone?

A single zone wine cooler is an appliance that has a single refrigeration zone.

However, contrary to the common belief that different wines require different preservation temperatures, both reds and whites require the same preservation temperature, which is around 55°F.

These models are optimal for those who wish to preserve their collection of wines – rather than chilling beverages before serving.

What is Dual Zone?

The process is slightly different for chilling wines before serving. Reds and whites have different serving temperatures, and in this case, a dual-zone wine cooler benefits from two climates that can be set at different temperatures.

Dual-zone refrigerators allow you to serve both styles of wine from the same unit. They can also serve and store wine at the same time. 

What is a Thermoelectric cooler? 

In addition to the thermoelectric wine cooler, most wine lovers view the compressor cooler as preferable. However, the situation is much more complex.

Thermoelectric wine coolers consist of a ceramic tile with an electrical current passing through it to cool the wine. An electrical current passing through the cooling node causes the outside of the tile to heat up, while the other side (facing into the cooler) will cool down.

Thermoelectric units run extremely quietly and efficiently, making them ideal for homes, apartments, and offices. This technology uses a fan system that expels warm air from the refrigerator, keeping the internal environment colder than the room temperature.

Because the room temperature can affect thermoelectric coolers, temperatures may be inconsistent. This is perfect for keeping wine cold, but poor for cooling before serving the wine. 

What is a Compressor Wine cooler?

Compressor wine coolers use the same refrigeration system as traditional fridges. Simply set the temperature, close the door, and the appliance does the rest. The temperature inside the appliance will not be affected by the outside temperature, which is great for ensuring consistent temperatures.

These wine coolers are more efficient, can handle higher ambient temperatures, and may last for longer than their thermoelectric counterparts. The process begins when the compressor motor kicks on and pressurizes the refrigerant, converting it into a liquid and raising its temperature.

Compressor technology has its drawbacks, which include the fact that it is far from environmentally friendly; the coolers are noisy, and the vibrations might disturb the wine sediment.

However, using a compressor keeps your bottles cool at a constant temperature.

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How To Choose The Perfect Wine Cooler

Now you know all the fantastic benefits of having a wine cooler, you’re probably wondering where you can find one of these excellent items and how to pick the best one for your needs. There are several important factors to consider when picking a wine cooler, so just read on for everything you need to know.

  • Price

We know what you’re thinking…a trip to the liquor store is expensive enough. Why spend more on this device? It might seem like a waste of money when you first think about it, but after realizing how good it is at preserving wine, you will find that it saves you money in the long term because you’ll throw away fewer bottles.

And not every cooler requires a huge investment. These devices come in several sizes and materials, so it’s possible to get an affordable model that doesn’t make you feel like you splurged. 

  • Size

One of the most important things to consider when picking a wine cooler is how big it is. Make sure you have space for it in your kitchen or wherever you want to store it. However, it’s also important to consider how many bottles you need to store. 

Some may find that a small cooler with a few slots is easily enough for their needs, but if you’re purchasing one for a large group of people or a restaurant, you may need to invest in a larger model.

  • Temperature

One of the problems with storing wine is that each bottle is served best at a unique temperature. For example, most people prefer their white wine chilled, but red tastes better at room temperature. If you have a strong preference for red or white, you may find this isn’t a problem as all the wine you drink is likely to be best at the same temperature. 

However, if you like both, choosing a wine cooler with dual temperature settings is best. This way, you can store several bottles at their all optimal temperatures in one place.

Have The Best Possible Wine Drinking Experience

So what is a wine cooler? Quite simply, it’s a device you need if you’re tired of dealing with lukewarm wine. This equipment will add to your experience by chilling your bottles perfectly, no matter what kind of wine you prefer. It won’t just keep your alcohol at the optimum temperature but also add to the flavor and quality of your favorite beverage.

With so many varieties, it can be difficult knowing which one is best for your needs. Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the best model for you. Just remember that each model comes with its own size, price, and temperature settings. If you love both red and white, consider a cooler with dual-temperature settings! 


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